Traditional and Distance Learning: What Makes One Better than the Other?

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Distance learning has become a popular option these days due to various good reasons and therefore, people often wonder which one is better than the other. I think it is never easy to declare one as the best option because it completely depends upon the situation where one can be a more preferred choice than the other. Anyways, if you are also looking for guidance to make the right choice, we have tried to make it easier for you by giving a comparison of various points in this article. Let’s check these out:


In Case You Can’t Afford to Pay Higher Fees and Other Major Expenses


  • Traditional: These days most of the traditional institutions have raised their fees and other charges which have made it much more difficult for those participants who have very limited budget as they can’t afford to pay too much.


  • Distance: On contrary, distance learning saves you a big amount which is otherwise spent in travelling and accommodating. Additionally, the fees are also lower than the traditional ways of education. One more major expense is books which can also be provided in digital form to save extra money.


What If You Want to Upgrade Your Qualification While Having a Job?  


  • Traditional: If you have a professional life but want to make it even better by upgrading your qualification, you might not be able to study in a traditional way because you have to take regular classes which you might not be permitted from your employer who is paying you for full time work. Some organization may support you with your education and if you have the one, you are lucky, through.


  • Distance: In this case, distance learning is the best option as you can still upgrade your qualification while doing your job for full time. In distance learning, you don’t have to quit your job or turn it into part-time. However, your life will become tougher because you will be required to spare some hours every day to study and assignment.


If Failed to Get Admitted in the Field of Your Choice Due to Limited Seating?  


  • Traditional: In traditional academic institutions, there are limited seats in major discipline of studies due to overcrowding from the new students and thus, it is too tough to get the seats. Every institution has its own specific requirement for admission and just in case, you fail to fulfill their requirement, you can’t get admission.


  • Distance: Distance education is for you if you want to pursue your dreams in any case even if you have failed to get admission into a regular college. Though, you would miss a lot of stuff that you could do at a regular college, you can still be in the race and make your dreams come true.


Can You Enjoy Distance Learning As You Did in Your Regular School/College? 


  • Traditional: The taste of real education happens at a regular school or college where you have lots of learning opportunities, affectionate teachers, competitive environment, supportive friends who are always ready to die for you. The life of school and college cannot be compared with anything else in your whole life.


  • Distance: Despite having lots of advantages of distance education like simple learning, easy admission process, no early wakeups, no trouble of travelling in public buses and no hurry in assignments completion, you can’t enjoy it as much as you can at a regular academic institution with your friends.


If You Lack Self-Motivation, Where Would You Find It for Regular Studies?


  • Traditional: For studying regularly, you must have self motivation because for most of the students, it is not easy to sit and study everyday especially in this era of extreme distractions everywhere. Fortunately, at a traditional school and college, you borrow motivation and inspiration from your class-fellows and teachers.


  • Distance: Now what will you do in a distance learning system if you lack self motivation for studies? Would you just keep yourself skipping the days or would you compel yourself to sit and spend time in learning? Though, it will not be easy for you in case of lack of motivation, you must realize yourself its importance.


Final Words


Both traditional and distance learning have some advantages as well as disadvantages and keeping all of them in consideration, you can make a better choice for you. However, if you choose online education, you should keep few important things in mind so you don’t have to face losses in future, for example, there are a large number of institutions providing online education just to benefit more and more students; however, you must choose the one with good reputation. Besides, some online colleges would have affiliation with other popular and registered academic institutions and you must check their affiliation. Speedyessay