How to Keep Your Apartment Safe?


When people want to keep their homes safe, it is quite often that they use alarms and various home monitoring systems. However, apartment dwellers should also be aware about their safety. Even if apartments and condominiums seem to be a more controlled and safer environment, they could be some risk factors that dwellers need to consider. You should be able to fully protect your environment and avoid having involvement with legal cases. Even if you are the victim, you will spend plenty of time in the courtroom as a witness. You should make sure that the potential burglars can be deterred strongly enough, because they know that your apartment is well protected with various security systems that can immediately notify the local law enforcement agencies.

You shouldn’t assume that everything will always be perfectly safe, because there are always security personnel in the ground level of your apartment. Also, you can’t always rely on the property owner to safeguard the safety and security of the tenants. You always have the biggest responsibility in ensuring the safety of your family members and possessions. You shouldn’t underestimate the resourcefulness of burglars who are always able to see opportunities. Many apartment dwellers are ignorant about the security details and they rely only on a single lock in front of the main door. Burglars may have excellent locksmith skill and they can break into your apartment in only a few minutes. At 11AM, apartments are often empty and this is a likely opportunity for burglars to enter your apartment.

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t underestimate the security factors in your apartment. You shouldn’t even think that there’s nothing worth stealing in your apartment, because many burglars will be glad to take anything of little value, if they can do that. The opportunity of burglary is even higher if the apartment doesn’t have a CCTV system. During workdays, it is possible that no one passes through the hallway for hours until they start to go back from work or school. Ensuring that you door is properly locked isn’t enough. There’s nothing wrong about putting a sticker on your door saying that the apartment is well protected by various alarm and motion detection sensors. Robbers can get inside your apartment within minutes and take a large amount of your possessions.

The risk in your apartment is even higher if tenants are unwilling to work together to improve the security. It is a good thing if tenants are willing to have monthly meeting during the weekend to discuss about the safety and other important factors in the area. Each tenant should know their neighbours, so they will be able to immediately recognize when there is a suspicious individual in the area. You should also create an illusion that there’s someone inside the house. As an example, you may turn on the light on the doorway at all times. If the apartment appears to be dark, then the burglar will think that it is empty and they will look for an opportunity to get inside.