Avoid Top 10 Mistakes While Choosing Return Gifts For Kids

return gift for kids

A birthday party is incomplete without return gifts for kids and choosing the ideal customized gifts to thank them for being a part of the party means avoiding many mistakes. Below are some of the mistakes that can ruin the return gift and party simultaneously. Read to know the mistakes to avoid.

Throwing a successful kids party isn’t as simple as blowing up a bunch of beautiful balloons together. Return gifts for kids is a significant part of the planning as one should thank the kids that made it to the party and contributed towards it, making it a grand one. When it comes to deciding return gifts for kids, one should consider the practical use and the budget. Since customized gifts for kids have become popular, the wide variety available can lead to the mistake of choosing the wrong gift item or fewer pieces personalized. Below are some of the mistakes that one must consider to avoid the end-minute glitches.

1. Not making a proper guests list:

The furriness of party planning can often lead to missing an essential kid to the party. Without considering things for granted that you would remember all the kid’s name, precautions to create a proper guests list is a must. Such a practice will avoid missing on the leading kids as well as giving you a tentative idea about the total number to decide on the return gift budget well.

2. Not deciding on the theme:

A party is plain and dull without any theme selected for the same. Brainstorming a theme for the kid’s party as per their love for the cartoon character or age will help in deciding the theme for the customized gifts. After all, such gifts look beautiful if there is proper theme given for creation with the kid’s name on it.

3. Invitation sent too late or extremely early:

The timing of the invitation set is very crucial as it decides about the number of kids that will turn up and ultimately, the number of return gifts that should be made. An invitation sent too early might be forgotten while a message sent too late will lead to not enough time to prepare for the return gift. Therefore, 3-4 weeks in advance is the ideal time for an invitation to be sent for the kids to save the date.

4. Not considering the age of the kids:

There are a few pieces of information you should have in mind while deciding the ideal return gifts for kids. One of them is to know the age of the kids expected at the party. The age is critical in understanding the utility of the return gift selected.

5. Not deciding on the budget for the return gifts:

Being vague in mind and not having a fixed budget per return gift is one of the worse things one can do in making the birthday party planning a mess. Having budget rules out many options from the plethora of customized gifts, and this helps in selecting from a few options making it a hassle-free process.

6. Not considering the importance of RSVP:

For those who feel knowing the final RSVP is not essential is profoundly mistaken. Knowing about the definitive list of kids turning up for the party means ordering those many gifts as the return favors and saving on bucks to avoid too many extra gifts.

7. Not keeping additional gifts handy:

There are times when you recall to invite some few kids at the end moment, and it is too late to get the personalized gifts done. In such cases, some simple gifts handy works wonders. After all, you wouldn’t want any kid to go sad without any return gift in hand.

8. Not keeping symmetry in the gift size:

Kids are an innocent soul, and they firmly believe in what they see. Keeping the balance in size of the gifts by not gifting too big an item to some kids and too small for the rest will avoid the unnecessary cat fights among the children.

9. Not considering the usefulness of the item:

An ideal return gift for kids is when the child can use the favour for good sometime. Not finding the suitability of the gift will lead to temporary happiness and dumping the present in the corner in the next few hours.

10.Not finding the need for gift wrapping:

Since kids are pure souls, the comparison feeling in their mind is instant while seeing their friends or neighbour’s gift. The different age group kids at the same party mean a variety of gifts offered. Hence, gift wrapping avoids the first-glance comparison leading to fights and ill-feelings among the party children.