Top 6 E-Commerce Web Design Trends Set to Grow in 2019-2020


Your website is the major channel where you can promote your expertise in the shape of the top-notch portfolio, your services and products as an entrepreneur and can create a splendid online business platform.

The way you showcase your business is very important as people are very choosy when they are willing to go for a brand. These days the competition between brands is enormously severe as everyone is willing to be a top priority for a particular service or product. In this regard, as a business owner, you have to look for every area of your business to be optimized properly and the outlook of your business website is substantial to have an exponential exposure. There are certain situations when people from foreign countries wish to buy your products, then it’s better to show product prices to your customers in their local currencies. Magento 2 auto currency switcher extension is the best solution that allows you to track the users’ IP address dynamically and display product prices in their native currencies.

It is vital to create a strong first impression when users land on your website. Customers and clients take into consideration how splendidly you have showcased your brand. This significantly impacts their purchase decisions. In order to beat the competition, you have to come up with a distinctive website layout that resonates with the modern trends and assists users in smoothly exploring what you have there to offer.

For an eCommerce business where the people interact to make purchases, a seamless website experience could encourage customers to visit again. To make your eCommerce website more user-friendly try to analyze your customer’s shopping behaviors. You can add custom fields to checkout page to acquire more information about your customer’s needs and interests.  Today we are going to discuss the top web design trends that could give your brand an extra advantage on your competitors who haven’t focused on updating the web design of their business websites yet.

Material Design

These days the material design is much appreciated by the audience due to the seamless integration of eye-catching vibrant colors that looking pleasing and assists in attracting the target audience to the business domain.

The harmony of decent colors attracts the users to a particular online domain. The adaptation in eCommerce websites makes the enlisted products appear more compelling.

The clean and clear user interfaces with integrated motion and depth and shadow effects make this web design concept one of the top trends in the web design industry. Introduced by Google, this concept has acquired much recognition in the web designer community and is expected to be adopted by the top industries in their online business outlook.

Lazy Loading and Infinite Scrolls

The lazy load functionality allows creating or initializing the web object with a slightly slow and smooth pace until it is needed. The functionality has become quite popular in the web design industry. Mostly the designers tend to apply this functionality to images.

The lazy loading is ideal for optimal user experience because it assists in improving the speed and performance of a website. The eCommerce website has to incorporate massive images that have to be integrated to enhance the product’s impact.

When the user lands on a particular eCommerce website, all the product images get loaded simultaneously, this might take a lot of time and delayed content upload leads to poor user experience. The users mostly don’t wait for the content uploads and prefer to leave the web domain instantly.

The lazy load offers a perfect solution to this as the user would be seeing only those images clearly that he/she is currently interacting with. The rest of the images will get blurred or you can say low-quality images would be shown as a placeholder. As the user will reach to those images, the images will change its state from blurred ones to higher quality ones. So instead of leaving users skeptical about whether the next images would be shown or not, the transformation from low quality to an enhanced version of the images could be more satisfying.

Just like lazy loading functionality, another aspect of exploring the website is quite trendy these days.  It is called infinite scrolling. Now you can fabricate your whole story and manifest it efficiently by integrating this optimal functionality. Now you are not bound to showcase your content in limited spaced blocks, instead inform the audience about each aspect of your business in detail without being bothered about the space the content occupies.




When it comes to online shopping, the customers have to interact with a lot of web components before finalizing their shopping. How users interact with these elements matters a lot and have a huge impact on online sales.

An excellent user experience leads to more sales and high user retention rates. The micro-interactions have proven to be effective in communicating the web elements of your eCommerce store to the users.

These are widely used as hover animations, creating sound effects, showcasing error messages, scrolling through the web pages, etc. You can add product videos, product descriptions along with product images and setup an alluring micro-interaction functionality to make the product listings more appealing.

The minor effects while interacting with the website creates strong impressions as these can smartly cover website flaws that hinder in optimal user experience.


As technology is getting more advanced, the traditional ways of user interaction with the websites have also depreciated. The modern methods have proven to be more effective and efficient.  When you are selling your products online, you need to offer seamless customer support to deal with tons of customer quires.

Many of the potential customers would have loads of questions to ask about your enlisted products, shipping, and delivery services, etc. You are required to have someone respond to these queries.

Manually handling all these queries is quite daunting despite you have managed to hire a massive customer support team. In this regard, the artificial intelligence-powered Chatbots have been introduced which have made it convenient to assist customers with your business.


The clean simple and smooth website’s layout seems dazzling. The minimalist-web-design approach has made this to be one of the best and simplified versions of the web layout where the presence of limited web elements makes it convenient for the user to explore the website.

Users like the web layouts that are free from complex features. Every element is clearly visible and prominent and users could easily navigate to the multiple areas of the website. The eCommerce websites that are loaded with product listing should primarily focus on following the minimalistic web design as users could frustrate by the integration of too many web components. They might find it difficult to finalize the product purchase.

Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu is the icon that incorporates three horizontal lines that are designed to make the navigation experience easier. Mostly this menu replaces the traditional menu when the screen size gets shrunk.

When approached, this menu opens up into a side menu where the navigation links to the webpages are present. It allows having an optimal user experience by freeing up space. You would find it everywhere from websites, games to mobile apps. When your website is loaded with too many options and becomes overwhelming for users to choose where to go it is ideal to encapsulate all of them in a decent hamburger menu-based navigation system. It’s a simple solution to give a proper structure to your websites by arranging the priority website links in order.

Final Words

The web design trend keeps on evolving with new ideas emerging every year. The essence of designing a perfect website layout is to provide the best user experience. In order to beat the competition, you need to come up with unique web design ideas that are not too complex to prevent the users from exploring the productive sections of the website.