Can UV Gel Nail Polish Damage My Natural Nails?


Like every other beauty product, the UV gel nail polish might cause damage to your nails that are natural gifts. One of the many reasons is that people do not remove it properly once they are back home from a meeting, a party or any other social gathering. However, wearing UV gel polish is not capable of damaging your nails. The risk of damage is when you remove the polish. If you are familiar with the way UV gel nail polish, you must be knowing that taking it off your nails is not like taking off the regular nail polish. It has to go through a removing process that is called “soak off” and involves the use of acetone and dissolve the gel nail polish from your nails. Another process is to soak cotton wool in acetone on your nails. Both methods are fine to use if you are someone who is quite conscious about their nails.  


The amount of time it takes to get done with the process of soaking off is different and varies from person to person. If you will remove it with force you will take out the natural layer of the nail, whereas the use of acetone will be ok to do its job and break the bone between the use of natural nail polish and the gel nail polish, if this recklessness is applied for more than once, it can result in damaging the natural nail and it will become brittle and thin and weak. There are a few things that can be done to make sure to smooth and soak off safely. You can look at the following tips to make the process a bit smooth and quick: 


  • Plan your soak off at least  a week ago and apply cuticle oil on your nails on a daily 
  • Break the gel polish seal and rub the surface of the nail gently with a nail file. 
  • Heat can speed up the process using a manicure bowl. It allows the gel polish to come off the nail in a quick way. 
  • If you are using the cotton wool soak off method, place your hand in a heated accessory like a microwave heat pack that is used for your back and joint pain. 
  • Acetone can be a dry option so you can always add a few drops of cuticle oil to the acetone before you soak off the gel polish. 


If you will follow these tips you might be able to get some amazing style and gel nail polish colors for yourself. But it is essential that you carefully follow these tips 


Also, it is important to remember that the gel polish should never be scraped off using excessive force. If you get your nails treated in a beauty salon or at a nail bar, do make sure that the technician is not using excessive force to take the gel off due to a shortage of time. If the technician says that they are running out of time and there are other clients waiting, don’t fall for it. The temptation of applying force to take off the gel polish is greater and you might not want to take the toll. So always pay attention and carefully know what removal process is your technician following.