Guides for Buying Battery Replacement for Your Laptop


A laptop provides you with various utilities and more performances than mobile devices do. It’s reasonable if the laptop’s battery performances could drop following years of usage. A battery replacement is a rational choice to extend the use of your laptop instead of purchasing a brand new laptop. Even though your laptop feature unremovable battery, you can still find the replacement.

If you’ve found that the laptop battery is turning down its performance, then it’s the time to find the replacement as well. However, there are some factors to consider before you purchase a battery replacement for your laptop, here is the guide for you.

Brand and Model of Your Laptop

You need to identify the laptop brand and then the model as well. For instance, Acer Satellites, Compact CQ series, Asus ROG series, and so forth. You can find the model details in the hand rest below the keyboard or on the back side of your laptop. The official stores usually provide you with a list of battery replacement, find your laptop name there. In case you can’t find it, you may consider purchasing OEM products but you need to strictly ensure the brand and the model.

Going Online

It’s more helpful if you online to look for a replacement in case you’ve done with a physical store. You can find comprehensive information about the battery through the internet. Visit popular computing store sites and see whether your laptop battery is available. In fact, you can browse the brand and type, then you’ll end with a full list of sellers. However, despite ensuring the compatibility, you need to ensure that you’re purchasing it from a reputable seller. Check the customer reviews and contact their customer services for more information.

Technical Specs

You may have some doubts about purchasing OEM products. However, in case you don’t have more options, you can check the technical specs to assure the compatibility of the battery replacement. Despite the appearances and measurements, you can find the tech specs below in your laptop battery information. Compare the tech specs including voltage, mAH, power output and input, and so forth. If the battery has passed the verification, then it’s the one you should purchase.

Even though it’s highly suggested to purchase the original battery replacement, you can consider the OEM products. It’s not a secret that many manufacturers have just discontinued parts of the older laptop models.