How to Become Better Soccer Players?


Being a good soccer player isn’t only about focusing on speed, strength and power. You also need to become more flexible. It should be quite beneficial if you are able to maintain a proper range of motion. Before a practice session or match, it is important for soccer players to perform passive stretching; but this could actually increase the risk of injury and diminish performance. A productive and safe way is to properly integrate any of the flexibility training into the daily routine. It is important that we perform dynamic warm up sessions, such as arm circles, butt kicks, high knees, bodyweight squats and walking lunges. After the training session, we should spend enough time for stretching. This is a better alternative than the passive and static stretching. If you want to become better soccer players, it is also important to have proper nutrition. It is suffice to say that what we eat should contribute in improving performance, recovery, energy levels and overall health conditions. This could start by drinking a lot of water.

During highly active days, you should also have 4 to 6 smaller meals, other than the usual 3 primary meals. It is better to eat one or two hours before exercise, not directly before. Your meal should include enough protein, such as chicken, fish, lean meat, eggs, protein shakes, low-fat dairy and others. Obviously, we should also have enough whole grains, vegetables and fruits. If we want to eat starchy carbs, such as grains, bread, rice, potatoes and pasta; we should eat them after exercise. Obviously, we should avoid food and other things that contribute nothing to our health, such as junk food, pastries, chips, tobacco, alcohol and others. Soccer players should not have big meal before sleep, especially if they have important training session or big game tomorrow. In order to maintain good fat balance, soccer players should also take fish oil each day. It is essential for them to properly organize their training methods, both on and off the field. As an example, during off season weeks, it is still important for players to continue doing exercises.

Soccer players are able to maintain their stamina by doing strength training, such as working on opposing muscle groups with functional exercises. We should also perform speed and strength training, by doing explosive weightlifting movements and plyometrics for intervals. Soccer players will be able to perform athletic skill practices and training. We need to perform some sprints and agility works. It is also beneficial to do various cardiovascular and endurance training sessions. Depending on your stamina level, you can adjust the training volume to allow you to have enough rest and recovery period, especially after a tiring competition event. After you have enough rest, it is important for you to perform power movements, such as push presses, power cleans, high pulls and jump squats. Plyometric drills that we do may include alternate push offs, box jumps, split lunge jumps and lateral shuffle.