The Danger of Vitamin Overdose



Getting excess of anything, including the good thing, will be bad. This also applies to vitamins and other nutrients that typically provide us with excellent body health. Just a century ago, the only way people for people to get enough vitamins is only by eating enough nutritious food. However, today people can get vitamin supplements at affordable prices and they are packed with concentrated nutrients by only swallowing pills, capsules, syrup and oil. It seems that we can get so many benefits with very little effort. But, like any smart customer, you also need to know about the potential flip side to this condition. When choosing supplements to boost your nutritional balance, you need to view them from the safety point of view.

In general, you can get all the nutrients you need if you have healthy diet. Instead of getting supplements, you may also get healthy fortified foods that are grown in a specific way to boost the nutritional content. However, our busy lifestyle could cause us to miss a meal and when we are able to eat, our meal may not be the healthiest. Supplements are also used by weight watchers and dieters to ensure that they get enough nutrients, despite the restrictions in their diet. It can also be a concern that vitamins can be made artificially using chemical reactions. Adequate nutrient intake is essential to promote our health, but you should be aware of any significant bad repercussions to our health due to excessive and improper consumptions.

As an example, you should know that vitamins are toxic if they are present at too much quantity in our body. This can happen more easily when you buy a large quantity of cheap supplements filled with artificial vitamins. The concept is always simple, you should get all nutrients from balanced diets and you can get the most of the, by having good exercise, rest and water intake. Excessive intake of fat-soluble vitamin is particularly dangerous. On the other hand, if you get too much vitamin B complex and vitamin C, they will be removed from our body through urine. Vitamin A and D are fat soluble and they accumulate inside our body, leading to a potential level of toxicity. If you believe that you need supplementation of fat-soluble vitamins, you should do it slowly and if possible, under medical supervision.

For pregnant women, excessive intake of vitamin A may endanger their developing babies inside the womb. In elderly people, they lose the ability to absorb, process and use vitamins. So, fat-soluble vitamins will start to accumulate and in fact, excessive intake of water-soluble vitamins can be risky as well. It happens because their kidneys no longer work at top capacity to remove excess substances through urine. People who take prescribed medications for high blood pressure or diabetes may also be careful about taking supplements, because large dose of vitamins may interfere with the functions of these medications. You should know about the side effects of vitamin overdose.