Treating Heartburn with Glutamine



Heartburn medications should be able to relieve symptoms, which is often associated with neutralizing stomach acid. The medication should be able to turn off the pump and stop the overflow of acid in our stomach. There are many ways to neutralize stomach acid and glutamine is one of them or to be specific, L-glutamine. Another benefit of using L-glutamine is that the substance is relatively affordable compared to other drugs. Each capsule of L-glutamine may cost less than 10 cents. Heartburn is often caused by muscular problem, especially due to the weakness of LES or lower esophageal sphincter. It is s type of ring-shaped muscle, which is needed to control the passageway into our stomach. When LES relaxes, food enters our stomach and when it tightens, food can’t enter and the backward flow of stomach acid won’t reach the esophagus. A strong and well functioning LES should prevent heartburn. The weakening of LES could cause a problem, which is often represented as hearburn.

In some people, LES weakens and this cause the reflux of stomach acid, which is indicated by the backward flow into the esophagus. Glutamine may help people who have problem with heartburn. In essence, glutamine is a type of amino acid, which is the constituent of protein. Foods with naturally occurring glutamine include red meat, fish, tomato, dairy products and beans. The substance is also often used by body builders, weight lifters and many other athletes. With glutamine, you are able to alleviate pain and muscle cramps, especially among older people. If we are able replenish amino acid in our body, pain can be relieved and our muscles will be strengthened. With glutamine, we should be to make sure that our body can produce damaged cells and dispose damaged ones. Glutamine is considered as a strong antioxidant, which neutralize free radicals inside our body. Glutamine should also help to heal mucous membranes, including the esopgahus lining, which has been eroded and damaged by acid that backflows from the stomach, due to the weakening of LES.

Glutamine should be able to strengthen LES and it will be able to tighten properly. Well functioning LES should prevent GERD, acid reflux and heartburn. However, you should know that glutamine should be considered as a partial, not total cure. GERD, acid reflux and heartburn should be considered as a muscular problem. It means that any treatment and relief that we implement should be intended to address the symptoms. Each day, you should take four capsules with 500mg L-glutamine each. The effect depends on each individual, especially the severity of the condition. However, noticeable improvements can be experienced after a few weeks. It is also important to perform lifestyle modifications, because things that we eat and do can encourage the development of heartburn. As an example, people who smoke and have long term anxiety are more likely to have heartburn. You should also eat more alkaline food, such as banana that is a fruit that’s popular in neutralizing excessive amount of acid in our stomach.