How Digital Technology Will Affect Our Lives?


The technology continues to boom and surround our lives, surrounding many things in our lives. Many people are concerned whether this will reduce our value as a human. It is debatable how far the advancement of technology will go. There’s concern that the technology will slowly diminish a cherished factor in our lives, our humanity. Many people find it very difficult to return to modest lifestyle, because they are bombarded with marketing messages about latest gadgets. When our friends, co-workers and relatives purchase new gadgets, we will be pressured to replace our old devices. Mobile devices have also taken our lives completely and we could feel completely lost without them. New smartphone models are released almost each day. They are getting better and better, in terms of features and performance.

These marketing messages promise that these devices will make our lives easier and fuller, as we can benefit from the new features and capabilities. As an example, we can deal with frustrating bad weather better, if we know about it one week in advance. Many smartphone models have integrated weather app that can help to prepare our days better. Some smartphone models have oversized battery capacity, which may cost us a fortune. As these phones become operational longer, they will become more pervasive in our lives. Many of us are no longer able to sit still and do nothing. They always want to get something that can distract them. They are eager to get entertainment content and information wherever they go.

So, it is clear that our dependency on technology is actually quite disturbing. New implementations like artificial intelligence and augmented reality will likely change in many things in the future. Computers will become smarter and think more like human. Many jobs like call center staff could be threatened by the new AI-based customer support platform. Augmented reality will also affect marketing messages, allowing people to better experience various information. As AI technology becomes more widespread, it is likely that people no longer have complete decision making process. Computer may decide things better and faster, based on information in the market. Technology implementation is relatively affordable and many solutions can be implemented even in developing countries.

Easily accessed and cheap digital storage will make it easy for people to record, store and share many things in their lives. The Internet also allows people to interact easily with others across the globe. The current hyper connectivity has rendered older technologies, like fixed telephone lines obsolete. The interaction between the society and sophisticated computer network has been evolving into a complex biological-digital ecosystem. Anything that we share and change can have far-reaching consequence. Information has become highly mobile, blurring the line between public and personal space. Things that we thought as personal are being shared relentlessly in public space through social media. People would know what we eat today and where we are at the moment. This phenomenon will become more pervasive in the future, to the point that people consider it inappropriate if we don’t share anything about our lives in social media.