Health Benefits of White Tea



For people who habitually drink black tea, they may find that white tea has slightly sweet and delicate flavour. Just like oolong, green and black teas; white tea is also from the regular tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Tea leaves can be processed in different ways. White tea is made from tea leaves that don’t fully open yet and they still have the fine white hair. The harvesting time is much earlier than other types of tea. Not many tea plantations produce young leaves for white tea, so it’s still quite rare. It means that white tea is somewhat more expensive than more common types of tea. Compared to other types of tea, white tea has the lightest color and first time drinker will notice its slightly sweet and very delicate flavour.

A proper way to serve white tea is by pouring it with near boiling water and it is better if you don’t use sugar or any kind of sweetener. Any kind of tea should be served plain. Compared to other types of teas, you should get the lowest amount of caffeine, at about 15mg per serving. As a comparison, you get 20mg from green tea and 40mg from black tea. It means that if you are sensitive to caffeine, then white tea should be a better choice. However, just like other type of teas, white tea should also provide good amount of antioxidants. By replacing your beverage with white tea, you should be able to reduce the overall risks of cancer. In fact, people who already have cancer, drinking white tea and other types of tea should help immensely in the healing process.

Because the growth of cancer cell is inhibited, conventional treatment can be focused in eradicating existing cancerous cells. Any herbal treatment that can slow down the progress of cancer should be quite beneficial. White tea should also allow you to lower the cholesterol level, especially the bad cholesterol, LDL. Tea is known for its ability to inhibit the formation improper clotting, instead blood vessels that may lead to strokes and other illnesses caused by blockage. After regular consumption of white tea, you can be sure that the overall level of cholesterol can be reduced. You may also need to ease rheumatoid arthritis, by consuming white tea, so you can get constant benefits of the antioxidants.

Tests on mice have shown that the development of arthritis later in life can be slowed down. Among many Asian populations, rheumatoid arthritis is not as frequent and this can be attributed to more frequent consumption of tea. The combination of caffeine and catechins in tea should also help you to reduce weight. Insulin in your body can also be regulated, so people with diabetes can have milder symptoms. The risks of Alzheimer’s disease can also be reduced when you regularly incorporate tea in your drinking sessions. You will be less susceptible to viral, bacterial and fungal infections, because tea is able to improve your immune systems.