Things You Should Know About Domestic Violence


Domestic violence ranges from simple verbal abuses to homicide within the family. There are patterns of domestic violence, but women are often subjected to brute force by women, although in some cases, adult males can become victim of harassment by female family members as well. However, when it comes to domestic violence, it is more likely for us to see that women are being routinely subjugated. Physical and sexual assault can happen even among husband and wives. In the United States alone, more than one million women are receiving physical assault by the intimate partner each year. Physical assault could also happen to children by adult caretakers. Domestic violence can happen due to social, religious and legal traditions in the society.

Laws used in the United States actually can be traced from old English and Roman laws that stipulate that wives are the possession of their husbands. Modern laws in the United States don’t have such regulation, but it is a good thing to know about that. You should be wary of physical abuses around your neighbourhood that can easily happen to women and children. The problem can be quite worse in some families, because victims could be in violent relationships for years or even decades. The problem could happen when domestic violence is underreported. On average, a wife is beaten by her husband in the United States, based on current statistics on domestic violence. Physical assaults could also happen to unmarried couples, especially if they have lived together for years.

In fact, domestic violence is the more probable cause of physical injury among women, compared to mugging and burglary. It is important in any family that women shouldn’t be viewed as subordinates or inferior compared to men. This type of thinking could become the cause of domestic violence, which in turn, has increased prevalence and frequency in our society. Rough treatment on women is deeply rooted in the local social and legal traditions. Potential victims should be aware of the increased possibility of domestic violence in their family. It often starts with subtle insults and slowly develops into overt physical abuses. Other indications of domestic violence are extreme jealousy, verbal abuse, unrealistic expectations, controlling behaviour, frequent blaming, isolation of the partner, cruelty to family pet, hypersensitivity, forceful sex and frequent shows of Jekyll-and-Hyde type of dual personality.

Potential victims should know what to do to prevent the escalation of domestic violence. They should understand about how to react to subtle inappropriate behaviors. If the perpetrators are allowed to do one inappropriate action, it will slowly escalate into full blown domestic violence. If there’s no solution in dealing with the increasingly abusive behaviour, the only way is to completely leave the relationship. Women should make quick and decisive actions, because they are in greater risks in most relationships. Due to their lower income status and less capable physical conditions, physical assault often happens. Before marriage, it is important for women to know how to protect themselves against attack by someone from inside or outside the family.