How to Perform Proper Cleansing Diet?


It is important that we perform the proper cleansing of our body. There are different ways for us to do this, such as by performing a 3-day juice cleansing program. However, it is important that we understand the cleansing concept in the most appropriate way. It is a bad idea to waste our money on various herbal cleansing products. We should skip the media extremism and hype regardless of healthy lifestyle. It is important to be perfectly accurate in things that we do. Many people spend hundreds of dollars on various herbal cleansing products that don’t really well. As an example, it is a bad thing to starve our body by drinking only water and lemon juice for a few days.

For best results, we should incorporate raw, dark green leafy vegetables, because they contain so much dietary fiber. If we consume these vegetables regularly, they will bulldoze our digestion system and carry with them leftover waste and toxin. Fresh pressed juices are also fabulous additions to our diet. The detoxifying effects of vegetables and raw fruits can be quite significant. We will constantly experience the wonderful effect, as our body feels much better.

It is acceptable to consume limited quantity of animal-based protein during the cleansing period and they may act as garnish to our meal. Fish and high quality, lean meat should be steamed. This will help us to have a sustainable pattern of eating. Grains, nuts, seeds and beans can be consumed in moderation. It’s also a good thing if we are able to reduce our sugar intake. It should be a good thing if we are able to tone down on the overall amount of sugar that we consume. Except for very special occasion, we should skip cakes and donuts, but we should remember to choose the one with whole grain flour and limited amount of sugar. These baked products may use dark chocolate to enhance flavour. Some dark chocolate would be quite satisfying, if we use it to glaze our whole grain donuts, no need to use sugar.

Unfortunately, some people are quite addicted to caffeine and the absence of daily cup of coffee can be quite annoying. Many people think that a cup of coffee is more than just the usual morning ritual. In moderation, coffee should be quite healthy for our body. Instead of using sugar, we may choose healthy, natural sweetener, such as stevia, which is based on type of plant. Despite being zero in calories, stevia is actually 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Fruits should also be excellent additions to our daily meal and they can really help to cleanse our body. Jicama or Mexican turnip is known for its high amount of dietary fibers. If this type of root is hard to find, we should make a list of widely available and affordable plant-based foods in our area. Make a research on the Internet to find out more about the dietary fiber content. With enough dietary fiber during the cleansing process, we will be able to clean up our system much more easily.