Do you want to understand if traveling is good for you or not? How old are you? If you are already 20 and get your driving license and minimum a year of driving experience, you can take a car and go! The goal of this article is not showing you disadvantages and advantages of a road traveling in such a young age. You are free to do want you want even in your 20! Car rental under 21 in the USA is welcomed and always supported. This is your chance to go traveling without your parents in a company of your best friends! But also, this is a time when you meet many difficulties. And a young renter fee is the first you can meet. This is a daily fee that company takes from the young renter to compensate for the extra risk. Young people are afraid of overpaying that’s why they are so hesitating and slow.

Seriously guys, nobody can answer if it is the best time for traveling or not. It depends on you. Travel while you are young or stay at home and wait until better days.

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Reasons TO TRAVEL When You Are Young


When you are young, you have minimum responsibility. Probably, the only responsibility you take during the trip is your rental car. You can easily leave your job or study if you have one, and go traveling. You have nothing to hold you back: no kids, no hot contracts and urgent cases. You parents can’t control you during the trip, just wish you to stay safe.


It’s rather about your physical ability. At your age your body is strong and ready to meet conflicts, long drives, late dinners. It is not a problem for you to arrive at night, take the car, and drive it to the seaside to meet sunset. If your money is out, you can make friends in the hostel and join them for dinner! Everything seems to be easy and possible when you are 20! You can learn skiing or surfing or take any other activity that you would never take if you were older.


Traveling is a great opportunity to learn many new things. When you are small, your parents decide where to go and what to do. When you are young, you decide what you want to see and where to stop the car. You can learn from your doing, from your friends, people you meet. Traveling is one of the best ways of learning for a young person. You meet new places, new cultures, and new people. Learn from them!

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Reasons NOT TO TRAVEL When You Are Young


When you are young, you are brave and adventurous. This can be good and bad at the same time. You are curious about everything but your curiosity can provoke you to make rash decisions. Sometimes it is good, sometimes – bad. Just keep safe and follow the rules of the country you are going to travel. Use mobile apps to inform your friends about where you are at the moment.


This is a common problem of all young travelers. That’s so great if you have enough money for traveling. You may ask your parents to help you with your travel budget. As a rule, adventurous trips take much money. You need money for the flight, attractions, excursions, hostel. Car rental under 21 will charge you as a young driver and you also need money for that. Where to get money for all these things? Students try to work and study. They always try to save some money for traveling from their everyday budget. One way or another, traveling needs planning. If you are a good planner, you may not have problems with traveling even with a low budget.

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When you are young, you are inexperienced about many things around you. You just start forming your life, friends and other social connections. It can be difficult to meet new people and build up new relations. You may not know what to do and where to go when the world goes down and you are in a new country without your parents. From the other hand, all new things that are happening around you form your life experience. Start right now.


How can it possible? Oh, let’s have a minute of psychology for you! You are 20 and you don’t you’re your truth yet. Every step you take in the world makes you satisfied or stressed. Not all people you meet are good. Not all problems you have can be solved easily. Not all hotels are clean and safe. That’s so great if you can avoid disappointments while traveling.


You are good in your study. Maybe, you have a partial job to make more money for traveling. You will have a vacation time soon. So, take your chance and go traveling! This can be a big challenge and a great experience. Do everything to feel comfortable in what you have and dream big. Now, take some time and decide, if you are really ready to travel or not.