How to Make Sure That Your Wireless Network is Easy to Set Up?


In homes and small offices, wireless broadband has become a necessity. Desktop PC, laptops and mobile devices can be connected to the Internet very easily. However, confounding setups may restrict average users from installing their own routers. Difficult configurations are among the most common problems when handling a wireless router. People don’t want to spend days to set up their routers and they want that they can get it right immediately on the first try. When you have a wireless local network, adding a new computer or printer can be quite tricky. You should know that each network can be different.

Before setting up a wireless network, you need to have proper understanding and knowledge, such as the differences between various security formats. WPA-2 has become the standard security system and it’s more secure than ordinary WPA and WEP. Even to some experienced computer users, setting up a router can be quite vexing. Some routers are not even intended to be user friendly with confusing navigation and crowded menu items. Others have long instructions to complete regular tasks, which may not be ideal for regular users. If you want to speed things and get everything easier, there are things that you should do.

To make things much easier for you, choose a vendor that includes an easy-setup CD.  These solutions may not be able to cover all issues, but you should be able to run the configuration quite easily. Procedures should be easy to follow. As an example, the manual may say that modems must be powered on, before they are connected to the router. Unfortunately, not everyone read the manual before they start setting up the wireless network. They just plug everything in, without understanding all the necessary steps. Required IP addresses, as well as default username and passwords are usually included in the manual in smaller print. You may find them only if you read the manual thoroughly. So, read instead of assuming.

Some routers come shipped with a USB drive that contains configuration software. So, when setting up the network, you can plug the drive in to any desktop PC or laptop that you want to integrate into the network. It contains all the configuration settings to quickly connect with the network. If the wireless network comes with comprehensive encryption protection, the USB drive also contains the key needed to communicate with the network. However, connecting printers that have WiFi support feature may not be so easy. Most of the time, these printers have standard WPA-2 support and if you use proprietary encryption system from the router maker, you may fail to establish connection and start printing.

When choosing a router, make sure that it’s easy to set and includes various neat features, such as easy integration with any network-capable device, including wireless printer. Check online reviews about a wireless network solution and make sure that it’s reliable and secure, as well as easy to set up. Also, make sure that you can extend the range of the network easily.