What is Agile Methodology?


The development team needs to deliver maximum value for clients. They need to develop a culture of full cooperation with clients. They need to have true ingenuity to meet the changing needs of customers, while ensuring minimal disruption. When developing an application, we can’t just write a code immediately. It may take months or even years after the original idea was first conceived that the program is finally ready for an early test. The requirement gathering process is often quite long. The requirement gathering process can be very long to ensure that the program is developed based on the actual needs of clients and customers. So, it is not possible to bring something meaningful if developers are isolated from clients. A sudden change in requirement will be very difficult to accommodate once the project has commenced.

Agile Manifesto introduced Agile in February 2001. It’s created by developers who gathered in Snowbird, Utah who looked for ways to properly do development of lightweight software. Agile Methodology has been adopted by various software development companies and teams around the world. Ina nutshell, it’s about teamwork, communication, adaptability, collaboration, feedback and iteration to ensure that the development process remains agile. Agile methodology could only work well if it’s implemented at all levels. A framework is needed to ensure that the whole team can maintain their focus. This is absolutely essential if the market landscape is changing routinely. One requirement in the market could be rendered obsolete within a year. So there’s no point of continue using the requirement, if it’s no longer necessary.

Agile Methodology allows developers to deliver the highest business value. A software can meet business requirements if all stakeholders have direct involvement. Agile methodology focuses on interactions and collaboration with customers, instead of strictly following details of the contract. It’s also more about responding to changes, instead of only following plans. Customers can be satisfied by continuous delivery of usable and working software. With Agile Methodology, even in the later phases of the development process, changes are welcomed or even expected. Projects are constructed around capable and motivated people, who are given ideal environment. Direct, face-to-face communication is essential,

Steady pace of development can be sustained and there should be constant attention to implementing technical excellence. In order to gain results, simplicity is essential. Best designs and architecture could emerge from a highly organize and effective team. The team needs to reflex on past performance routinely, so they can continue on doing things better. When Agile methodology is implemented properly, competitive advantage, productivity and organization can be maximized. Agile Methodology is more than just about reducing costs, there are many benefits that organizations can get. Risk management can be performed more effectively and mistakes will less likely to happen. With Agile Methodology, it’s also easy for the development team to have complete dedication to the customer’s requirements. This system may allow the development team to become enormously successful. This should be a win-win solution for the development team and customers.