How Lawyers Can Make Good Videos for Youtube Channel?


Today, lawyers can no longer rely on text-based content for all of their needs. Videos have become the common way to distribute information, because high speed Internet access already becomes a common thing in many countries. Law firms should consider having an active YouTube channel, because the platform is increasingly an important way for people who want to seek information. However, making a video requires a good level of skill and experience. In some cases, high end smartphones already have decent video recording capability at 1080p resolution and they are sharp enough for outdoor settings, but can still be quite grainy in indoor settings. But, if you want to have professionally-made videos, it is important to have appropriate cameras.

Without a good video camera, it is possible that your videos will be shaky and bounce around. You may also consider using external lights to make your videos, when you want to explain a topic in a greater detail. Lawyers can create vlog to describe that’s currently happening in the local court, so existing clients will know about latest developments. This will require you to take videos using your smartphones, so people will know what’s happening in the courtroom today. The vlog can be published each day and clients will be well updated about new developments. A vlog doesn’t have to be too long and it can be only less than 5 minutes each. Clients are often busy professionals and they often don’t have time to watch lengthy videos.

Your videos should have great audio quality, this is essential if you want to explain details on legal matters to your clients. Some terms can be quite complex and you need to make sure that clients are able to hear them clearly. Some microphone attachments are able for smartphones, so you will be able to ensure that your voice will be heard clearly.  You don’t need to use professional microphones, because some affordable external microphones are reliable enough. However, you should still use common sense and avoid making videos in a busy courtroom hallway and you may need to go to a quieter place. Even so, external microphones should be useful, if you want to capture the conversation of a group of legal professionals.

When you shoot outdoor, you should be aware that you may face many challenges. You need to deal with various details, such as ambient noise, shade, direct sunlight, strong winds and others. When you are shooting indoor, you can’t rely on the existing lighting system inside your law office. During the weekend, you should learn about the manual settings used on your camera, such as image stabilizer, focus priority, frame rate, color adjustments, white balance, shutter field, depth of field, iris settings, exposure settings and aperture. This may seem to be overly complicated, but by learning one detail at a time, you should be able to become increasingly more proficient about using video cameras. You should also know how to perform video editing on your computer to get the best results.