Debunking Six Computer Repair Myths


If you have been using computers for some time, chances are, you could mistakenly believe some of the following myths about computer repairs.

  1. Computer technicians know about all programs out there: Computer repair guys are knowledgeable and experienced, but there are thousands of programs out there. If something is wrong with one of your programs, you shouldn’t think that computer guys will immediately know how to fix it. The best thing that they could do is to provide generic solutions that may work for most programs. However, there are intricate details in each program that could potentially cause issues.
  2. Computer technicians can fix website problems: You should know that computer technicians are hardware experts; they may have only basic knowledge about web-related issues. As an example, what they could do is to clear cache of the browser and restart it. However, many problems could be caused with issues in the server. This will be out of reach and only web administrators can access the server. So, when you are unable to log into a website, you need to contact web administrators, instead of your computer technician.
  3. My friend/co-worker/a teenager next door can fix computer problems. It’s a good thing if older generations would give positive credits for younger people. However, there’s a mistake in this reasoning. Teenagers may appear like computer savvies, but computers are complex. They could be proficient with computer usages, but may not have the necessary skill to configure and troubleshoot computer issues.
  4. You need computer technician or engineer to fix your computer: Although you need computer technicians to fix many mistakes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fix them on your own. Some basic computer issues are actually quite easy to fix. Most of the time, you can fix problems by only restarting the program or computer. So, you need to do your homework before spending $100 for a supposedly simple computer repair. Often, the repair task is relatively easy and requires only limited computer knowledge.
  5. Malware will always make visible issues: In reality, many malware works silently in the background. They could be designed to steal your data, including passwords and banking details. Malware could also turn your computer into a spam machine, by sending marketing or fraud emails automatically to your contacts. So, you to regularly check your computer for virus, even if you don’t notice any problem.
  6. You can just spend $350 for a new computer, instead of repairing your old computer: In reality, any computer sold under $500 has limited capability. They may have slower processor and smaller hard drives, as well as modest amount of RAM. It’s better to invest on more capable computers that are durable and won’t be broken too quickly. Others may think that tablets are enough to replace their tablets. Although tablets are convenient, it’s only useful for viewing document and making simple edits. You can’t create a complex spreadsheet or captivating presentation with a tablet. Instead of buying a cheap PC or a tablet right now, you should repair your old computer and save money to buy something better later.