Preventing Negative Effects of Wireless Signal


Wireless technology is making our lives more convenient. However, its implementation could have unwanted impacts on our quality of life. Constant exposure to wireless signal is believed to cause various health issues, such as pains, aches, moodiness, memory problems, foggy brain and restless sleep. Radio signal from wireless router may have very low power, but its high frequency and constant emission will eventually result in numerous issues. If you are experiencing unexplained health issues, you should switch off the wireless router when not used. You should know that disconnecting the Internet access isn’t enough, because the router will continue to emit wireless signal. Physically turn off the router each night, so it won’t broadcast signal in your home.

If you are the only one who accesses the Internet, consider using wired connection instead. If you want to maintain convenience, you could choose router with directional antenna. It means that the signal will be directed to an area of your house, instead of being broadcasted through all spaces of your home. The coverage of a wireless router could be between 100 to 500 feet, depending on the presence of walls and other obstructions. So, it is quite likely that your body is affected by the signal. Unfortunately, even if you turn off your wireless router, you may still pick up signal from your neighbours. If a wireless router or a repeated is placed near your home, you will get constant exposure as well.

If possible, you should ask your neighbour to turn off their wireless router at night when everyone goes to bed. If you explain to them about the potential risks of constant exposure, they may agree with that. When not in use, you should turn off your smartphone or put it into Flight Mode. There are apps that can help you to automatically enable Flight Mode at specific time of the day. To reduce exposure, you should limit calls with smartphones. We often access WiFi through our smartphone, which also expose our body to radio signal. In fact, using smartphone to receive or place a call can be among the riskiest thing. The antenna is placed directly next to your head and your brain is exposed to the high frequency signal.

High frequency signal affects your living tissue more than low frequency signal. It will cause molecules in living tissue to vibrate and generating heat. This could potentially change the structure of your living tissue at molecular level. In fact, it’s the same principle used by microwave oven to warm up or cook your food. It’s also common for owners of high end smartphones to charge using wireless signal. Place your charging device in an enclosed space, such as your closet. It may seem stylish to have a wireless charging point in your living room, but this could expose all family members with potentially dangerous signal. Iodine is a known cure for constant exposure to radiation. Increase iodine intake from food and consider whether you should get iodine supplement.