10 Most Useful Tools for Teachers


In the modern world, the expectations from teachers have gone too higher and only those teachers who are integrating the latest technology in their classroom for performing every single task can come up to the expectations of the students, their parents and even school or college management. There are various great platforms that are fully focused and dedicated to educational purposes and have been very helpful for the teachers where they can learn about the tools, techniques, and strategies to make their way of teaching more effective and inspiring. Here in this article, you can find a list of some great tools which you must integrate into your teaching.


1: Google drive


It is an excellent productivity tool that works on many devices and provides approx. 15 GB free space to the account holders for storage. If you are planning to make impressive presentations, design high valued spreadsheets or work on an important document, Google Drive will be really useful for it. Add this simple tool in your box and see how it benefits you.


2: Dropbox


Another great storage place is Dropboxwhich is cloud-based and can bring you an easy way to save, store and share your docs & PDFs files. Dropbox has syncing capacities which makes it a perfect tool for passionate teachers who don’t want to use the old ways for keeping their records.


3: Google in Education


Google in Education is basically a Google created platform for the students, teachers and other people who are interested to know about the google products exclusively created for education purposes. Here you can learn about different products that what they can do for you and how you can get the most out of them.


4: Socrative


It is a very smart educational system that allows the teachers to involve their pupils in learning activities through smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This system has a lot of advantages and great features such as visualization, instant result aggregation and real-time questioning which enables the teachers to improve each individual’s understanding abilities.


5: Edmodo


Edmodo is a great place to connect with your entire class where you can share content with them, post necessary school notices and even assign them homework right through this simple system. Edmodo has more than 50 million members including teachers, students, and their parents and this will be really great to have easy access to the latest educational resources.


6: Evernote


Evernote is an excellent web serving tool that will allow you to make necessary notes and bookmark useful webpages. This simple yet so effective tool is absolutely free to use and the best thing about it is that you can use it on almost all web-based and mobile devices.


7: YouTube Video Editor


When you want to edit and create videos to make teaching more effective and interesting in your classroom, YouTube Video Editor can be a really great tool for editing and it is being used by teachers as well as students in all parts of the world because of its easy to use functions.


8: Wevideo


In addition to YouTube Video Editor, you can also check out WeVideo which is another useful platform for creating, editing and sharing videos on all types of devices such as PCs, laptops, mobiles and tabs.


9: Flipboard


Flipboard is a very nice place where you can save your favorite stories which you can read later in form of a magazine that will look more attractive to the students.


10: Diigo


Diigo is a website for social bookmarking and it will allow you to tag and bookmark webpages that you think are important. Moreover, when you are on Diigo, you can also highlight certain areas of the site which you think are more important and if necessary, you can also add sticky notes.

Eddie is an educationalist writer at descriptive writing. He has been actively involved in some of the largest teachers’ forums and communities where he tries to benefit others from his experience and research work to enable them to perform much better in their classrooms as per the requirement of the modern world educational system. For more information connect on Twitter.