How to Improve Your Golf Game: Tips to Make any Swing Change

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Golf has become a very popular game since it’s available almost everywhere in the United States. Most cities and towns in the country offer a golf course for you to enjoy. Furthermore, it’s also great traveling to a foreign country to play the game there. Places like Scotland feature courses that are centuries-old, and you could get a sense of history while you play on ancient grounds. 

Going back to the US where most cities have golf courses to play and learn, Florida’s economic engine is driven by the golf industry. The game has a dramatic impact on the state, and in fact, it’s the number one golfing destination in the world. Everything that the state does to attract people and promote the place involves golf. 

If you are considering trying your hand at the game or want to improve your game, you can easily find a golf instructor in Orlando. The abundance of golf coaches, along with its pleasant weather makes it possible to play golf all-year-round in Orlando. If you want to improve your game and do changes with your swing, then finding a golf instructor in Orlando is the right path for you. 

Two Types of Swing Changes

Before you proceed to change your swing technique to boost your game, you should first determine the two types of swing changes that require different approaches. 

Minor Swing Change

This is nothing more but adjusting your fundamentals, including your stance, grip, posture, alignment, and ball position. Doing minor changes in your swing is essential to play quality golf. Can you imagine what would happen if you never work on your stance, grip, tempo, and so on? As a golfer, you should monitor little minor details constantly, and make certain that they look good. 

Major Swing Change

A major change represents some of the things that Tiger Woods has talked about working on over the years. This kind of swing change involves altering your position at the top of your swing, takeaway, your transition into the impact positions, downswing, and post-impact positions. 

These changes, in most instances, require a greater understanding of the swing, or a knowledgeable and skilled golf instructor Orlando to help you out. Making a lot of these changes at one time could go to your head without the correct approach. 

If you are a bit more advanced, and already have a robust foundation in place, at some point you may want to make a major swing change. 

Steps to Swing Improvement

  1. Identifying the Problem

You should first understand what you’re doing wrong. There are a lot of people making swing changes but unclear as to what they’re actually working towards. Their perception of the real issues holding them back is unclear. 

If you don’t fully understand what you actually want to change, then it would be impossible to make a considerable improvement. 

  1. Look for the Solution

This is a must because you have to exactly understand the process that you need to follow to make any swing change. If you’re not certain about what you should do to change, then most often you give up halfway through a change or waste a lot of time in practicing the wrong things. 

  1. Make it look great on camera

If necessary, exaggerate. Changes never feel good. Since your body is not used to make the movements, it will try to resist. While doing this, your tempo and timing will be off, and your best swings often will have the worst results. 

Everything would feel terrible. Thus, you have to make it look good on camera first. Again, exaggerate if you must. Feel as if you’re making the changes two or even three times more exaggerated than you. 

Keep in mind, the camera doesn’t lie. Until you have made a change on camera, and you could see the differences, you have not made any change at all. 

  1. Practice in Slow-Motion

Work yourself into the right position is super-slow motion in a mirror, statically holding the correct position for a few seconds. This helps you get a feeling of what you’re trying to do. Slow-motion swings are great since they give a chance to actually guide the club and feel where it’s supposed to go. 

When people attempt to boost their swing without staring in slow motion, they tend not to make ample high-quality correct repetitions. You can increase the probability of making more correct positions with slow motion. 

  1. Inculcate

Once you make the correct moves, it’s time to inculcate them. This is when the comfortable feeling begins. Until you have done at least 100 repetitions, no swing change would ever feel comfortable. 

If it does, then there is most likely no change happening, but rather you have reverted to your old habits. Remember, to fully inculcate the movement, it takes between 3000 to 5000 repetitions. This doesn’t however mean you won’t reap the rewards before then. 

At this point, however, the new movement will not be thoroughly inculcated or ingrained. 

  1. Results

Before today, you’re working on changing the neurological system. You haven’t, and shouldn’t be working to get results. Results would come only as the move becomes inculcated. Meaning that your neurons would seamlessly fire in the right order. 

It’s normal to feel frustrated when results don’t come right away but keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to make a change and get results immediately. Slowly but surely, you’ll get there and achieve your goal. 


Even if you feel comfortable with the swing change when under pressure there is a tendency to revert to your old patterns. Their key is to continue practicing and playing diligently. The process of making a swing change will take time. 

The important thing to keep in mind is to take your time, be patient with the change you are aiming to do, and have some fun. Golf, after all, is a wonderful game, not to mention the fact that you get to spend a few hours playing in very beautiful surroundings and be one with nature.