Fuerteventura By Car In 4 Days


Polo at Muzhuppilangadu Beach

Are you going on holiday to Spain? Have a plan? Of course, Canary Islands is a MUST VISIT place for all and everyone. But your trip is not limited to one place. Take your chance to go to Fuerteventura to see millions of memorable views and relaxing surroundings. More than 100 km of beaches are waiting for your visit. How to travel? Fuerteventura car hire can help you to find the best travel routes and millions of opportunities. Besides, the car trip will allow exploring more places and isolated spots.

Everyone associates Fuerteventura with white sand and blue sea. That’s true. But your hired auto can help to make every your day different. There is something for everyone, from virgin beaches to welcoming food spots. Without a doubt, Fuerteventura is the perfect place for a perfect holiday. Are you ready to go into the wind? Here are the most popular car routes for tourists on location. Pick one!



Popular car routes in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is worth seeing! Of course, the best and the safest way to visit all these places is have a car trip. By hiring a car, you may have a safe isolated trip. And, surely, you will reach desert beaches, mountain groups, natural parks, and other essential spots that are hardly reachable by bus or train. You can stop the car where you like and have a snack, shooting everything around. Sweet memories!

Continue reading and you’ll learn two main driving routes to the north and south from the capital and seize the opportunity not to miss a thing. Go online to find the best “hire a car” in the Canary Islands according to the car rates they offer. It’s up to you! Remember, the minimum time you will spend on one or another route is 4 days!


  • To the North (45 km)

The first route takes you straight through the mountainous scenes and harsh desert views. The trip starts from the capital of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario. The choice of cars to hire is the widest here. Let Tetir town will be your first stop. Actually, the town itself is not very interesting. But the nearby area, called Vallebron is worth your attention. Look! For the moment, you will stand gaping and admiring the huge ravines and a mountainous system of 700 meters high. By the way, this is one of the highest peaks you will meet around and a perfect location for shooting and meeting sunset.

Drive your auto to the north, the old fishing village Corralejo. You can see dunes, virgin beaches, free from tourists and locals. Take your chance to buy some fresh fish for dinner! The cozy atmospheric hotels will welcome you for a night or two.

Move on! You have to follow the FV101 runway to in the direction of El Cotillo, an absolutely amazing coastal town with the best views of the Atlantic ocean, natural caves, desert nature.

  • To the South (55 km)

If you prefer beaches to the hilly area you should go to the south. Whenever you go and whenever you see, the countless beaches will invite you to stop. The ocean views are really admiring and excellent in their beauty. Go to Tarajalejo, your first stop. Have you ever seen a beach with its black sand? Actually, this small town used to be a fishing village. Now, it becomes bigger due to its black-sand beaches and tourist views. Continue towards Costa Calma, where such popular beaches as Jandia and Esquinzo are available. You can see numerous ponds along the beach line so that you can have some fishing practice. If you don’t like fishing but actually hungry, spend some time and go to Morro Jable. This is a popular restaurant location with the best atmospheric food spots. By the way, you can hardly eat somewhere else along the beach line.

Morro Jable - Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is a paradise island with simply marvelous coastline and hilly areas. Do you really want to spend the whole weekend in the capital, laying down on the beach? You can prepare your car trip beforehand to mark the most beautiful spots for rest, the best places for hiking, and worthy restaurants to try something new and original. Fuerteventura is a good travel location if you have a little time available. You need no more than 4 days to go to the north or south.