Car Trip in Leincester: A Price-Efficient Guide


If you are going to travel to Leicester, you should care about what are the best things to do and to see. What do you know about this city? It appears under the world cultural radar in 2010 and the legendary Premier League gave a rise to opening new bars, restaurants, a renewed city center, and many more great tourist places you are recommended to visit with your family and friends. How to get there? It’s up to you! You may take a flight to Leicester, ride a bus, or travel by car. Companies of young people come to Leicester to start their career or just take some outdoor rest.

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Where to go in Leicester?

  1. Visit Golden Mile

There are good news for young travelers! Leicester has a special place, where you can go really big! This street is called the Golden Mile. This is a place, full of food spots, atmospheric Asian restaurants and cafes, street shows, easy shopping, and souvenirs. To get there you need to walk down for 10 minutes from the city center.

What’s so interesting?

This is the best place to find a souvenir and try the tastiest Asian dishes. Come here in November to host the biggest Diwali celebrations.

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  1. Go to Leicester botanic garden

The University of Leicester botanic garden is situated not far from the city center. You can see the most beautiful plants across acres of garden. Looking for the best place to walk on and have a picnic with friends, come to this green place. There is special parking where you can leave your car hourly. Most of the people prefer traveling by car in Leicester. Picking up a car from the airport is around 5% more expensive than from the city car hire spots. Try online services and get the cheapest prices. Car hire in Leicester under 25 will help to find the best car hire option for young drivers.

What’s so interesting?

Young people come to the botanic garden to find a new place to learn. If you are not going to be a student in the future, it’s a lovely place to spend your day.

University of Leicester Botanic Garden: a world of plants

  1. Go to Gate 38

Everyone knows that Leicester is full of atmospheric places where you can eat and drink. You can find them in the city center or visit Gate 38 on Belvoir Street. This is a club with a very special atmosphere. The bar is designed in such a way to look like you are sitting on a plane.

What’s so interesting?

As a rule, this place is always full of people. It is better to arrive early and wait for your turn to enter by walking on the park territory around. Don’t forget to take some pictures! 

  1. Go to Abbey Park

Leicester is a green city. If you decided to hire a car to get over the city, you should drive it a mile north from the city center to get to Abbey Park. There is a beautiful river, numerous cafes, outdoor sports, and boating opportunities.

What’s so interesting?

It is a good place to visit with a company of relatives, friends, or alone. There is enough space to do sports, go walking, running, celebrate special occasions and events.

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  1. Go to The Cookie and The Attic

You need to leave your car on High Street to visit this lovely cafe. You probably need to catch a taxi to go back to your hotel or just avoid drinking alcohol cocktails. Actually, this is the biggest and the most popular bar in the city. You can try cocktails, listen to thriving music, and relax.

What’s so interesting?

Spending time with friends is always interesting. The cultural program at The Cookie is always surprisingly new. Every week you can find comedy shows, concerts, pub quiz in the cafe. Anyway, if you are not interested in what’s going on around you, you can just dance and forget about problems.

Whenever you go in Leicester, there are always plenty of things going on in this great city and around. If you are a young driver, you can focus on the city center and spend your time in the places around. There is always much to do and to see. Traveling out of the county boundaries, try to drive safely and keep the right side.