Why You Should Book a Vacation Rental on Your Next Trip

Family walking into their vacation rental

One of the hardest things about planning a vacation is finding the ideal accommodation that will suit you and your family. Whether you travel a little or a lot, you’ve certainly heard of vacation rentals, which allow owners to rent out their properties to tourists searching for a more comfortable substitute to a traditional hotel. This is particularly the case if you are looking for a vacation rental that will be comfortable, convenient, and affordable. Whether you’re visiting a new location or you’ve been there before, there are several reasons to pick a vacation rental when deciding where to stay. Below are useful tips on how to get cheap yet comfortable accommodation that your family will love.

Home-like Comforts

A vacation rental is not the same as an inn or hotel because it is usually a regular apartment or house. As a result, when you stay in a vacation home, you’ll be able to live like a native and have access to basic services that you wouldn’t generally find at a hotel, like cooking facilities, a washer and dryer, and multiple rooms and a living room. This, compared to the single shoe-box-sized room with maybe a fridge or minibar you normally have to put up with when booking at a hotel. Furthermore, vacation rentals are arranged as per the owner’s style; thus, the ambiance is frequently cozier than a detached suite.

Local knowledge

Most vacation rental managers, ones like Skye Management, are delighted to share local attraction information with their visitors. If you have the chance to talk to your host, you’ll receive an insider’s view of your location, such as the best places to eat, visit, shop, and hang out. They can even steer you away from places that might not be worth your time. Some hosts even include excursions, trips, or “experiences” in the price of their accommodations or charge an additional fee for them.

Better for Families and Groups

If you’re vacationing with your family, or a couple of friends, you may worry about the noise level you’d generate with everyone crammed together in a hotel room or two. You may also worry about having enough space for everyone in general; no one likes sleeping on the floor, especially in hotel rooms. Vacation rentals provide a solution to both of these problems by being large enough to accommodate everyone in your group. Since they’re free-standing houses or apartments, you can also not worry about the amount of noise you make – you’re either completely on your own or just another noise-maker amongst an entire building of them. You and your family or friends can enjoy yourselves much more comfortably than you would be able to cooped up in a hotel room between activities.

More Cost-Effective

If the vacation rental includes a kitchen, you may save funds by preparing your own meals rather than getting take-out. Your wallet, and your stomach, would likely thank you. The price of a stay at a vacation rental overall usually comes out to being much cheaper than a hotel, meaning you’re saving money to spend on other aspects of your vacation. There are often even some great discount rates depending on the size of your group, or the length of your stay. This isn’t only true for larger groups; singles or couples may be astonished at how much cheaper a one-bedroom flat or small cottage prices out to in the vacation rental business in contrast to a hotel.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Families come in all shapes and sizes and thus have varying needs when traveling or staying anywhere. One step to getting comfortable throughout your vacation no matter the size of your family is finding the right place that meets your needs. For example, if you have a pet, you want to find a hotel or rental that allows pets. If you have a senior loved one who is not very mobile, get a hotel that doesn’t require you to use long flights of stairs. If you are traveling with kids, get somewhere that has a kid-friendly setting. Failure to do these things can result in you spending even more money on your vacation. Also, you won’t be as comfortable as you would if you found a place that meets your needs.

Offer Packages

One of the sure ways to save on vacations after deciding to use a vacation rental is to go for any holiday packages they might offer. These packages typically include flights, car rental, and accommodations. Most of these packages are quite appealing, as the destination agency will book the flights and hotels for you. However, you may have to compromise and be flexible on a few things. That’s because choosing a package with the options already chosen means not all the amenities on the package will be exactly how you would want them. Scrutinize travel packages and think about the compromises that you would be willing to make to achieve an affordable vacation.


A vacation rental may be less expensive than a hotel. Furthermore, if you stay longer than a couple of days, you may be eligible for a discount. A vacation rental may be a fantastic option to a resort for home-style comforts, local information, family activities, and cost savings. Finally, many vacation rentals have a one-time cleaning charge per stay, so check the small print to know about this, as well as any other additional expenses, before signing into any vacation rental contract.