90s Fashion Trends For Men


The 90s has made a return with fashion trends. Something that the younger generation seems to be enjoying at the moment. The 90s was a great time to be alive. If you have a parent that lived through the 90s, they have probably said numerous times how good the 90s were. 

One thing that wasn’t good was the fashion trends. Luckily enough for us, only the fashionable styles from the 90s have made a return to the fashion industry. Not to mention that there are a variety of different styles that can be worn. Here are some of the best modern-day fashion trends that were inspired by the 90s era. 

Bucket Hats

Yes, bucket hats have made a return and seem to be more popular than ever. Arguably more popular than what they once were in the 90s. Although they surprisingly fell off the face of the earth during the 00s. However, they soon made a return when Liam Gallagher started his solo career for singing.

One of the reasons why the bucket hat was so popular was due to the celebrities that wore them. Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown, two main Britpop artists, used to rock these hats at gigs such as Knebworth and Spike Island. Some of the biggest gigs that the United Kingdom has ever seen. Oasis and The Stone Rose loved bucket hats and wore them at many of their live performances. This is why it became so popular during the 90s in the UK. 

Now, many people are back wearing these hats at festivals and gigs across the UK. Similar to when they wore it during the 90s. The bucket hat is like marmite for fashion today. Many people love a bucket hat but others hate it. Nonetheless, it is a modern-day essential for festival-goers so if you are one of them, make sure you get one as well. 

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans have made a return but not the traditional style of those back in the day. There is a slight modern twist that is a combination of many generations, not just the 90s. The style of baggy jeans is something that is much preferred these days.

Baggy clothing looked odd with a pair of baggy jeans. It all just looked oversized. Now, certain clothes are designed so it looks baggy but fits the person as well. Many online stores such as ASOS will refer to the clothing as oversized. This style of clothing matches a lot better with the baggy style of jeans today. 

If you’re not quite sure about the style that we keep on referring to in the 90s. Look at the hip-hop stars such as Nas, 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. Although they look stupid on most people, this style looked great on them which, is why so many people tried to copy it. 

Baggy jeans in the 90s seemed to hide people’s footwear so you could barely see them, if you could see them at all. Another thing to mention, these jeans used to drag along the floor meaning they would easily get wet and dirty. Everything was wrong with them. 

Baggy jeans look much better these days and it is a style that many people have got on board with. 


Windbreakers are another trend that has returned. They were often part of the shell suits back in the 90s although they are just individual suits now. They are a great jacket for when you’re out mountaineering or hiking as they protect you from the harsh weather. 

Windbreakers have become a modern style for streetwear and many vintage stores sell them. The windbreaker will either be basic colours or they will go for more fluorescent colours. Carhartt, Dickies, Under Armour and North Face are some of the mainstream brands that create some of the best windbreakers that we know. Windbreakers are not the warmest jacket out there however, they protect you from the wind and the rain. Either way, it is a style that we can thank the 90s era for and, we are grateful it has returned. 

To Conclude

The 90s was a great time to be alive. Many wonderful things happened in the 90s. The 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s were all good eras to experience although they had nothing on the golden era. 

Fashion was nowhere near the level today. However, mens full tracksuits and other fashion trends were better than what they are today. Although the overall style that we know today is much better than the 90s. Remember, when you are shopping online, follow the essential rules of online shopping.