Tips For Establishing A Strong Brand Identity


Many people think that a strong brand is just about how it looks. Whilst this is of course important, there is so much more to a brand! So, we are here to introduce the three main tips that you need for establishing a strong brand identity, which are finding your unique selling point (USP), creating brand guidelines and working with a branding agency to help you make sure you get your branding right the first time around and that you build brand momentum! This might take some investment, but when you take some time and money to make sure you get your branding right, you will reap the benefits in the future. 

Find Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Our first tip to help you establish a strong brand is to find your unique selling points, otherwise known as USP’s. The best way to do this is to list your strengths as a company, as well as your weaknesses. From here, you should know your very strongest areas and places that you are not quite as strong in, then you can analyse how this differs from your competitors to start to look at your unique selling points. Figuring out what makes your business unique might be difficult, but it is essential, as this is what will help make your branding a success. When you create a product, you should have something to differentiate you from competitors in order to be a success. 

To get you started, some examples of your USP being the only local company manufacturing the product, being carbon neutral, being the cheapest in the market, having superior craftsmanship, free shipping, bulk discounts and so much more. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about what would make you buy the product, then go from there. 

Create Brand Guidelines

Next up, you should put together your brand guidelines. Brand guidelines are a set of rules and standards that show how you want the world to see your brand. This should be sent to everyone in your company, so everyone has a consistent idea of exactly who you are and what you stand for. This can be great for retaining fantastic employees, as when a company has strong values, employees often feel more engaged with their work. 

Anyway, back onto the brand guidelines. Within the brand guidelines, you should have your core values as a company, your future goals and what you are doing to make them happen. You should then also have a clear guide on your voice and tone, with examples of exactly how your brand uses language and emotion. You will also need visual elements of your branding, including logos, colour palettes, typography and other imagery so everything across your brand is highly consistent. 

If everyone has a slightly different idea of who you are as a brand, then having successful branding is going to be a big challenge.

Work With A Branding Agency

Last but not least, we would recommend that you work with a branding and design agency Liverpool, London or Manchester based for some of the best talent in the country. Branding is an essential part of any business, and if you rebrand multiple times, your customers are going to feel distant and they are also likely to lose trust. So, getting it right first time by working with a design agency can be a game changer! The best agencies are experienced in all areas of branding, so will help to make sure that everything is consistent, from packaging to video and your website to print. This will be an investment, but it is truly one of the best investments you can make for your company.