Benefits of a Key Management System for Your Bussines


When running a business, you’re surely always looking for hacks that can help you operate more efficiently. Technology is constantly evolving and bringing new systems that can be used in companies of all kinds. For example, access control has been taken to a new level thanks to biometrics, mobile credentials, and RFID swipe cards. However, physical keys are still being used as well. One thing you can consider is adding RFID tracking to offline keys to keep better track of them.

With that in mind, you want to properly manage all the keys that are used in your business. Implementing a key management system is crucial for that, so here are the benefits you can experience.

It will protect your premises

For starters, having better key security will work to protect your facility. No matter if you use physical or digital keys, introducing a reliable key management system means that you will control who can access your premises. That way, you are lowering the chances of any damage or theft.

It will keep your assets safe

Just like you are protecting your premises from break-ins, you are also ensuring no assets inside it are damaged or stolen. Whether you have only desks and chairs or valuable high-tech equipment and consumables, you will be able to rest assured that nothing is in danger of being stolen, damaged, or tampered with.

You will have insight into who is using the keys 

Regardless of whether or not you experience a break-in, you will have an overview of who is using the keys, how, and where. For example, you will always have insight into when your employees entered a certain area or tried to enter a zone they don’t have access to. Moreover, if you notice that something is wrong, missing, or damaged, you should go into the history of who entered which space and see who was present during the incident. Even if someone’s key was stolen and used for criminal activities, you should be able to narrow down the suspects or point the authorities in the right direction. You can use this incident to teach your staff about the importance of keeping their keys safe.

You will reduce the risk of losing keys

Emphasizing the importance of keeping their keys safe and showing that you can track if the keys are returned on time should reduce the risk of losing keys. No matter their type and price, keys are expensive. Having to replace them or even replace every lock in the building in order to prevent other people from entering the premises can set back a business a lot, which is why looking for them straight away is the best way to increase the chances of finding them.

It will lower all sorts of costs

Speaking of high replacement costs, investing in innovative electronic key cabinets can help your business cut both direct and indirect costs. For one, you will not have to pay for replacing the key or the whole lock system if you lose the master key. Moreover, if losing a key means that you cannot get into a certain area of the premises, then you might not be able to perform the necessary day-to-day operations and keep your business running until you get a replacement. Lastly, if the key loss results in theft, you might have to pay for new equipment, even if you have insurance.

You will have more control over your vehicles

If your business also has a vehicle fleet, you will have control over who uses the vehicles, when, and for how long. This will allow you to create a vehicle rotation scheme so that the same drivers don’t sign out the same car or truck over and over again. Plus, this approach means that drivers will log mileage and file a maintenance report every time they use a vehicle, which lets you compare how drivers use the fleet and manage it better.

You can improve your daily operations

Whether it’s fleet management or ensuring only authorized personnel goes into certain areas, using a key management system should improve your daily operations as you’ll be able to track key use in real-time and stay on top of routine work by seeing if everyone is where they are supposed to be.

You can manage your risks

Having a key management system to rely on provides you with a chance to create reports on key usage and spot any irregularities. That way, you will see who requested access to particular zones and who lost their keys. From seeing how temp workers are doing their jobs to noticing if drivers are being reckless, you should be able to manage and minimize risks your company faces.

You can revise your emergency response

Collecting data on how your keys are used means that you can revise and improve your emergency response. For instance, perhaps you can look for a key management system that will unlock all doors in case of an emergency such as a fire so that all employees can calmly proceed to the exit instead of panicking and trying to frantically unlock doors.

You can rely on it in different lines of work

Finally, it’s important to mention that key management systems can be used in various lines of work. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry and run a pharmacy or drug dispensary, you can use keys to keep your storage safe and track who has access to controlled substances. Then, the logistics sector can use it to better control their fleets and assets while in manufacturing, businesses can make equipment secure and easily accessible to employees that need it. What is more, in hospitality, it can be used for easier access to hotel rooms, conference rooms, storage, and other assets, both by staff and clients. Law enforcement agencies can also use key management systems to handle everything from evidence management to higher security.


No matter the kind of business you’re running, it’s high time you realized all the benefits of key management systems and implemented them into your everyday operations.