Outsourced Wi-Fi Advantages



Connectivity becomes one of business core elements while in term of online business, it’s the critical one. It determines the competitiveness of the business as well as increases the productivity in the commercial sector. Today, outsourced Wi-Fi solution using cloud becomes a popular option. It provides connectivity to a great number of the device.

If you’re running a growing company, you should consider using hosted and cloud-based WiFi as it provides you with various advantages.


High and Flexible Accessibility

Cloud-based Wi-Fi allows you to connect on-the-go whenever you’re in the area. If your business is run in different areas(even globally), cloud-based Wi-Fi can provide access without using physical hardware controller and additional setting.

Supports Your Business

The conventional Wi-Fi networks would require constant customization, management, and operational. You may invest a lot of money and efforts there but yet still face some problems like downtime, backup, and so forth. If you take outsourced Wi-Fi services all of these tasks will be professionally managed by the providers.

Meeting Customer Privacy Expectations

With the privacy issues occur online, managing your Wi-Fi network should be based on risk mitigation. A professionally managed, cloud-based Wi-Fi allows you to provide public Wi-Fi based on customer privacy expectations. Remember, all of today’s business put a high concern on their customer’s privacy issues, failing it means failing your own business.

Engage More Customer

As expected, the use of fully managed Wi-Fi can reach and engage more consumers for your business. You can embed promotional videos, digital flyers, surveys, mini-games, and other amenities once they’re connected to the Wi-Fi network. Providing public Wi-Fi for businesses like restaurant, cafe, or malls allows the company to improve their relationship with their customers.

Full Control on the Network

Even though the providers take care of the setup and maintenance, cloud-based Wi-Fi usually comes with a dashboard or control panel. It allows you to monitor, control, and configure your own Wi-Fi network based on the arranged user level control and/or authorizations. Above all, the use of a Wi-Fi network can be fully controlled by the owner or manager.


The cloud-based Wi-Fi is undoubtedly scalable. While the conventional Wi-Fi network would reach its limit when it gets down or as the workloads are increasing, managed Wi-Fi can scale up following the requirements. You can either control it from the dashboard or request for configuration to the provider.