How Drug Users Contribute to Criminal Activities?


Many people have become badly addicted to illegal drugs and this could happen due to various reasons. As an example, their substance abuse may start with prescription from licensed physicians for legitimate medical reasons. We often hear that drug addicts are criminal perpetrators. However, we should know that consumers of an illegal trade contribute to the overall crime system. They are aiding producers and traffickers to gain profit from their businesses, sustaining an operation that can last for decades, potentially claiming the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people. As peddlers stay in business, it also means that more laws are broken. If there are no consumers, there will be no peddlers and no drug trafficking business itself. The drug trade can extend to various illegal activities, such as bribes to law enforcement officials or even killing against rival organizations.

If no one is buying drugs in your area, there will be no rich drug lords and the drug trafficking infrastructure itself will have no chance of being established in the first place. There will also be no one who grow and cultivate various plants in distant countries, which can be processed into intoxicating substances. In some areas, marijuana is legalized when used in limited amounts, but the effect can still be quite destructive, because cases of overdoses will be more likely to happen, just with alcohol usages. If you buy marijuana in a legal way, the money will eventually still go to criminals and there’s no guarantee that the whole system is clean. In the end, more crimes can be committed and many people seek to support their habits by resorting to various criminal acts.

People who use marijuana actually become ignorant and they don’t care whether their regular consumption, no matter how small it is, will have direct effect on criminal organizations. Any crime will have an effect that harm people directly or indirectly. You should know that it is not acceptable to break the law. Even if we don’t technically break the law, some aspects of it can still be quite questionable. Drug users who are aware that they contribute to sustaining criminal organizations can also be seen as financers to crime as well. It is important for you to use your common sense and conscience, because what you do can have snowballing effects. Even if something is legalized, you should avoid putting yourself into a position that can cause a group of people to commit more crimes.

Your simple act of buying a tiny package of marijuana, although it is legalized may contribute in causing you to take lives of people. It means that you have a contribution to the death of a human being. This could happen due to overdose or intentional killing by drug traffickers. In fact, harsher punishments against drug users could deter the usages of the drug itself. If drug users only receive repeated rehab for their actions, they could be compelled to use drugs again in the future, due to the lack of real punishment.