Top Proven SEO Techniques To Drive Traffic In 2020

SEO Techniques

As they say, SEO strategies can change on a dime and you might not even have the slightest idea about it. We are living in a rapidly changing digital era where things change in a blink of an eye and we are supposed to absorb this change. The sooner we absorb, the more we are ready to go with the flow. If you are new to the digital world, you have heard the word SEO and if you are not familiar with this word much, get ready to delve into the amazing world of this not so familiar word.

In the SEO world, the hacks you were using in 2019 might not create the same results in 2020. This year you have to change your techniques a bit. If you are a local SEO service provider, this article is a must-read for you because here we are going to describe 9 proven SEO techniques to drive maximum traffic to your website. We believe in creating the maximum exposure of your website with our proven strategies.

Improve Onsite User Experience

By onsite user experience means, the time a user spends on your website, it is counted as his user experience with your website. You have to work on it and it can be made better with the relevant answer of the query that brought him here. Google wants his users to have the best experience and if you are treating your users with irrelevant low-quality results, Google might not list you again.

Get The Voice Optimization Done

We are rapidly entering into a new time and by the end of this year, more and more people will be using voice search to find answers to their queries. Now, you have to be more focused on the voice optimization of your website. This is a must-add technique into your new SEO strategy. Voice searches are mostly long in the form of question phrases and you need to optimize your site according to the length of user queries.

Use Clustered Keywords

Gone are the days when your one keyword with different variations was able to create results on search engines. With the passage of time, Google Algorithm has also evolved greatly. Now, it tries to understand what actually the intention of the user is, and what kind of response the user is looking for. To meet the expectation of users, now you need to use clustered keywords in your content and answer in detail what the user wants to know.

Write Longer Contents

If you are planning to run an online marketing company in the UAE, we would advise you to pay great attention to your content. As they say content is the king in online marketing, a recent study has also concluded that longer contents are easier to rank. With an article having a length of above two thousand words, you can get easily top rankings in search engines. However, making it longer doesn’t mean that you should start including irrelevant material in your content.

Use More Backlinks

Inserting a backlink to your content is a power that strengthens your content. By building a variety of links, you can get surprising results in the SEO world. Search engines like Google always rank your content on the variety of links you attach to it. Without these links, it is really hard for search engines to rank it. However, you need to be a bit careful while inserting links because all links are not good links. In today’s SEO world, specifically, paid links do not work anymore.

Use Videos For Ranking

In 2019, you simply cannot forget YouTube, when you are ranking your website on search engines. However, video making is a talent and you have are supposed to use this talent skillfully with the perspective of SEO. If you are smart enough, you can surely develop the knack and double your website traffic by executing YouTube SEO.

Enhance Your Technical Grip

When we talk about enhancing the technical grip on your website, it means that your website must not have any technical issues. To make it error-free, you can always switch to HTTPS, and for the mobile version of your website, you can enable AMP mode. Moreover, you need to correct 404 errors because it gives an utterly bad impression when a user clicks on your website link and find this error welcoming him. Also, make sure that all semantic markups are correct as these semantic markups help Google understand your website better.

Optimize For Local Listings

If you are ranking a locally owned business on Google, make sure that you have optimized it on all the target local searches and local listings. Studies show that nearly half of the Google searches are from people who need help in finding a local business. When you list your business in the local directories, it becomes easy for the big search engines like Bing and Google to gather information and show your shop in results when a user searches for the same business in your area.

Analyze Your Performance

When you are done using all the aforementioned SEO techniques, now it is time for you to make some analysis of your improvement. It is always wise to have an analytic approach because it helps you discard the practices which don’t help in creating positive results. You can judge which content really appealed to the customers and why? You should have a good idea which page was least visited by the users and why?

Finding answers to all these questions is not that easy. You have to be very careful with your monitoring. For the purpose of monitoring, you can use data studio and SEMrush.

Bottom Line:

Keeping with the latest updates in the SEO world is highly important for you in 2020. If you are serious about improving the visibility or your website, remember to focus on these proven SEO techniques and you will get your desired results.