4 Tips for Giving Your Car a Vintage Look


If you are a vintage car enthusiast, you are in good company. Elvis Presley, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Liberace are just a few wealthy celebrities who spent exorbitant sums of money to build a collection of classic cars. Unless you win the lottery, you may not have the funds to purchase the vintage ride of your dreams. The good news is that with a little ingenuity and creativity, you can give your car a vintage touch without breaking the bank. Here are four tips and tricks for you to consider.

Aging Your Car’s Paint

Not all classic car collectors prefer models with pristine, shiny finishes. Some go for the vintage rides that have been comfortably worn with travel and love. To give your car an attractive patina, you will need some spray paint and fine-grit sandpaper. After washing and thoroughly drying your vehicle, choose a shade of spray paint that is darker than the original finish.

Apply it to areas that would typically be worn down over time, like the fenders, roof, and hood. Let the first layer dry, then spray it with the same color as your car’s body. After the second layer dries, gently sand the areas in broad strokes to make the car look like it was once painted, and the layers are wearing off over the years. You can also spray paint the edges of your car doors and roof with a little silver. Sand it down to look like edges worn with time and weather.

Add Some Classic Detail

Many classic cars have a lot of chrome detail. Consider changing out your car’s grill to an attractive chrome one. You may also redo your bumpers or fenders. Choose understated details that won’t overwhelm your design and make your car look tacky. If you want, you can remove your car’s logo, and replace it with one from a vintage make. The change will be immediately noticeable to classic car fans. You are not trying to make a fake classic vehicle to fool people. Instead, your goal is to replicate attractive features of an older car with your own style.

Replace Your Headlights

One of the crowning features of vintage roadsters is their oversized headlights. While you would probably pay a fortune for old headlights, you can get the same look from modern ones. Replace your current headlights with ones that are bigger, brighter, and a little chrome outline. It will cost you some money, but not nearly as much as buying an authentic vintage car.

Revamp Your Tires

Most vintage cars have balloon tires with iconic whitewall details. You can buy modern reproductions of these tires that will add a touch of classic bling to your ride. Talk to an experienced mechanic about the size that would be best for your car. You can also get vintage spinners from a Spinning Wheel Supplier, to help give your tires a classic look.

With a few inexpensive alterations, you can have your new car looking like an old classic. Shop the internet for great deal on classic parts you can’t find anymore. Won’t it be wonderful to drive around in your antiqued ride?