How to Upgrade and Maintain a Used Car


When you buy a used car, you have to expect it to come with some wear and tear. With proper maintenance and a few upgrades, though, you can put a used car back into like-new shape. Here are four of the maintenance tasks and upgrades you should attend to when you buy a car that already has some mileage on it.

Change All Fluids and Check Hoses

The first thing you need to do when you buy a used car is to change all of its fluids. Since you can never be entirely sure when the last changes were performed, it’s best to start with an entirely blank slate so that you can keep accurate track of regular changes from there. You should also inspect all of the car’s hoses and replace any that show signs of cracking or brittleness.

Get a New Set of Tires

If you’re buying a used car, there’s a good chance that the tires on it have already seen a fair amount of time on the road. You also can’t be sure that the tires were all put on the car at the same time, which is why you should buy four entirely new ones. Buying new tires can also help to improve your handling and gas mileage, making your car more functional as a daily driver.

Improve the Engine

While maintenance work is all well and good, you can also make upgrades to a used car to make it better than it has ever been before. One of the best ways to do this is to give the engine more power. If you buy a turbo charger or put a cold air intake on your engine, you can increase its horsepower and make it more fun to drive.

Redo the Interior

In some cases, you may come across a car that runs well but has a worn out interior. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to take out interior parts and add new seats, trim or carpeting as needed. With a new interior, your used ride can go from looking like it has seen better days to looking almost as good as new.

These are just some of the maintenance steps and upgrades you may want to consider when you buy a used car. Of course, the exact steps you’ll need to take will depend on the car you buy, its age and its overall condition. Be sure to check the car over thoroughly before you make the decision to purchase it so that you know exactly what needs to be done.