Things You Should Know Black Tea



It is clear that regular tea drinking can be seen as a healthy experience. Tea should contain plenty of beneficial substances that can protect us against cancer, disease and various illnesses. Green tea often gets the most attention among health enthusiasts. However, black tea is still the most popular type for regular tea drinking. We could find that black tea offers heartier flavoured compared to other variants of tea. So, people who want to have more intriguing tea drinking experience, then it is a good idea to choose black yea. Some types of black tea may also have chocolaty flavour and they may also have a hint of orchid-like flavour. Some of you may not know that oolong, white, green and black teas actually come from the same tea plant. The difference is on how these teas are produced. Black tea is completely fermented, while oolong tea is only partially fermented. Seed, bark and flower of the plant can also be used to make tea. Regardless of the variants, these teas offer therapeutic benefits.

One big question is whether black and green teas have equal therapeutic effects. Green tea contains a potent antioxidant called EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate. However, the fermentation process changes EGCG into a different compound, so it is often believed that black tea isn’t as beneficial. However, you should know the reason why black tea is dark and has richer flavour. Thearubigens and theflavin are important substances that we can find in black tea. Because black tea is affordable and commonplace, we should still get some benefits from it. Black tea has flavonoids that reduce the LDL production, which contributes to the development of heart attack and stroke. In fact, men who drink four cups of black tea have noticeable reduction of risks related to the development of stroke. By drinking enough black tea, we should be able to reverse the unusual functions of blood vessels that can lead to heart attack or stroke. In many countries, black tea is preferred by the general population.

Because black tea is derived from the same camellia sinensis plant, so you can expect that you will get a good dose of polyphenol. It works as a type of antioxidant. In fact, a cup of black tea may have ten times the polyphenol, compared to a serving of fresh fruit and vegetables. One thing that we can verify is that tea drinkers are likely to be healthier, compared to non drinkers. They often have fewer incidences of heart attacks. Even so, the actual benefits of black tea may need to be studied a bit further, but we can be sure that there should be reduction in the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. To sum it up, we need to consider that teas aren’t created equal. Even so, you should still get a lot of benefits, regardless of what tea you choose. Just to be safe, you may consider using multiple types of tea in your daily consumption.