Types of Security Systems for Your Business


There are different security systems that can enhance the safety for your business, by preventing thefts and unauthorized access. Many businesses are affected by data thefts due to business intelligence activities. Consumers data could also be acquired for personal gains. If you localize essential data in a single room, you should use highly secure systems, such as fingerprint locks. Biometric security system is highly effective to allow only a few individuals to access a specific part of your office or store. You will be able to prevent unwanted intrusions that can cause the theft of items or data. Fingerprint locks can also be used on inventory area or garage to protect your goods and vehicles. Fingerprint locks are available in different colors, so you can choose the one that match the wall paint and the rest of the interior details.

Fingerprint sensors may have different features, such as scratch proof surface, LCD display, automatic locking, remote control access and moisture proof sensor. Because biometrics system converts your physical characteristics into digital format, you should be able to integrate it with your existing computer system. As an example, the computer system will record when the lock is used and by whom. Often, the fingerprint lock also includes other entry methods, such as card access and PIN codes. It means that you can ask users to use these locking systems in specific order to enter a highly secure area. This will make it very hard even for the most determined burglars, because they need to deal with layered security systems. The wall unit should be compact enough and easy to use. As an example, users need to place their finger on the sensor to activate the keypad panel, which is used to enter PIN, which in turn activates the card system. For people who are not familiar with your security system, they don’t even know about the correct order.

Digital locks are also essential to safeguard your business area. They are known to be quite reliable and safe. It should have a password protection feature that can access specific area of your office through the use of card, password, PIN or physical key. Just like fingerprint sensor, digital locks may also have various features, such as remote control access, burglar alarm system, touchscreen display and backlit keypad panel. A good digital lock should be able to deter any break-in. It is also a good idea if your digital lock systems have vandal proof and fire detection features. If the digital lock is located outside the office or storage area, it should have durable construction, wear resistant surface and weatherproof designs.

It is common for a security system in a business to have a keypad module, which can help to access the area a few touches of the buttons. They can be programmed to accept PIN or passwords, depending on the type of the keypad. It is a good practice to regularly change PIN and passwords. Employees should be notified in a highly secure way to notify them about the latest access codes.