Ideas For A Quality Café Menu

Ideas For A Quality Café Menu

Having a top-notch menu is an essential component of running a quality cafe. People come to hang out and meet up, but they’ll likely stay to get something to eat, and that’s only going to be encouraged by having good food on offer. However, the food itself can’t just be good, as presentation also matters – meaning that your menu should look just as good as your food tastes. A good menu will include prices, pictures, and a satisfactory description of what’s being offered to potential consumers. When you have a menu you think people should try, the most important question becomes how to make it look perfect. There are many ways to create a great-looking menu, but here are some top ideas to get you started.

Choose Appropriate Colors

The color scheme of your menu can really tie it together with the restaurant to give your business an overall identity. It can also be a great help in either classing up the place or making it feel more homey or casual, all dependent on how you wish to run your cafe and generate an atmosphere. Choose a color scheme that makes sense for the theme of your restaurant. If you’ve used darker colors, then including those same colors on the menu would make sense. The same goes for lighter colors, patterns, or any motifs you’d like to be associated with your establishment as well. If you have trouble deciding on a color, try to utilize the same color throughout the menu.

Keep It Short

When creating a menu, keep it simple and do not overdo it. An overload of information when people already feel the pressure to order won’t help them or you conduct a transaction. You can use bullet points or icons to help streamline what information is most important and help people navigate the menu faster. Make sure that each item is clearly printed and easy for customers to understand what they are ordering. This will make it easier for your customers to order what they want when they come in, especially if they decide to come in regularly.

Include Great Menu Food Items

If you want to get your customers’ attention, you need to have great menu food items to choose from. Whether it be sandwiches made with kaiser buns, smoothies using fresh fruit, or teas that offer a variety of flavors or customizations to cater to every palette. Your menu should include a variety of foods that will appeal to your customers and the more on offer the greater chance of a potential customer finding something they’d like to eat. You should still keep the menu simple, as again, you want to avoid information overload, but you can still have a lot on offer. 

That being said, if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot on offer you shouldn’t stress out. As your business grows you’ll gain the equipment or the staff needed to handle more customers and more dishes, but if you have a small menu just make sure it tastes good. Once you have been open for some time, add more items to your menu. To attract as many people as possible it might be best to make sure the pricing never fluctuates dramatically, as suddenly being too expensive for your regulars is a great way to lose them. Keep in mind that your customers usually come here for good and affordable prices.

Another important part of creating a great menu is beverage selections. When your customers aren’t hungry there’s still the chance they’ll patronize your business for something to drink, so make sure to offer them something nice and delicious that makes coming in still worth it.

Make Your Information Readily Available

This can be a great idea if your cafe has the ability to make deliveries or if you offer orders for pick up. It’s much easier to call ahead to a restaurant or any eatery when the information is readily available, whether that be on the menu itself, a business card, or the internet. However, placing it on your menu means people are for sure going to see it as they order, and there’s a higher chance they’ll remember for next time when they only have the time or inclination to do carry out or get delivery.

Another great to make information about your menu easier to find is to have the menu posted somewhere on the wall. This could be on a board behind the register or along the wall where people would queue to order. This allows people more time to think about what they want.

Use Large Fonts

If you have trouble deciding on a font, try using large fonts instead of small ones. This will make it easier for customers to read the menu and find the items they want faster and easier than small fonts. If you do not have large fonts, consider finding an online font generator that can help you with this.

Use Pictures

Sometimes pictures can be more helpful than words. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, consider using pictures of food on your menu so that customers can see what the food looks like before ordering it.

When creating quality café menus, don’t be afraid to change things up if you need to. If something isn’t working, try something new. Your customers will appreciate it, and your restaurant will benefit from it too.