Tricks for making your home more inviting with the right lighting


Experimenting with all sorts of lighting types can help you create a certain illusion or ambience that you want to achieve in your home. These are some of the most efficient tricks for making your home feel extra warm and inviting just by using the light in the right way. 

The Three Principle Types of Lighting

Ambient light

This is the type of lighting that illuminates the whole room. You can get this type of lighting by using ceiling fixtures, recessed cans, torchieres, or sconces.

Another great option for getting perfect ambient lighting, if you don’t want to install scones and recessed lights, is to ask an electrician to hook up a wall switch and connect it to one of the room’s outlets. That way, when you flip the switch you will be turning on several lamps at once. 

The amount of ambient light you need can easily be determined by multiplying the room’s dimensions and getting total square footage. Then, you need to multiply that number by 1.5. The number you get is the number of watts needed.

However, don’t stop at ambient light. There are so many other ways to introduce lighting in your home and make it feel more welcoming. 

Task light

Task lighting is perfect when you need to illuminate only specific areas such as areas for cooking or reading. For this type of lighting, you will need a lamp or a hanging fixture. Simply place the source of lighting over your head when performing a certain task. This way, you will avoid casting a shadow over the working area with your body and you’ll be able to see the working surface better. 

Accent light

Lastly, accent lighting is here to highlight the features in your home that you want to accentuate such as a work of art or any architectural element. This lighting is usually produced by a directional recessed can, spotlight, or even track lights. Even though it’s not necessary to have it, accent lighting can be a nice finishing touch in your interior design. 

How to maximize natural light

No matter what kind of lights you decide to install, don’t forget the importance of natural light too. Letting in more natural light is proven to boost people’s mood and affect their health in many positive ways. Try to use as much daylight as possible as the main source of light in your home. 

If you don’t have enough windows there is an amazing trick you can try to introduce more natural light in your home. Simply by placing several mirrors around the room so that they are facing your windows, you will let the light bounce around the room, and on top of that, you will create an illusion of a much bigger space. 

How to use light to make a room appear more spacious

The way we perceive the space around us is through the distribution of light. For this reason, a dark or gloomy room often feels smaller and more cramped. 

To create an illusion of a bigger and more open space, you need to introduce some light. Place a few lamps around the room. Most importantly, try to strategically put them in far ends of the room to remind the unconscious mind that those areas exist. Another great trick is to use back-lighting, thus creating an illusion of depth. 

How to use light to make a room appear taller

That tall-room aesthetics has been gaining more and more popularity in Australia lately. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of having a high ceiling. 

What you need to do is find a way to direct people’s eyes upwards and you can do so by investing in some statement lighting. For this, you will need some fancy light fixtures. In most cases, very minimalistic looks work the best magic. If you don’t think you are experienced enough to install some of the bigger and heavier lighting fixtures, you can always rely on the help from professional Frankston electricians who will be more than willing to help. 

How to use light to make a room appear cozier

Lastly, to make the room feel extra cosy and inviting, here are some of the things you can do with your lighting to create this kind of ambience. What you want to achieve is making the room feel like you’re all gathered around the campfire enjoying your time together. It’s all about feeling warm and happy. 

Since it’s not very practical to light a campfire in the middle of your living room, a better way to achieve this atmosphere is by grouping a bunch of candles to create a very warm and cosy feeling in the room. This soft type of lighting will make everyone feel welcome and peaceful. Spending time here with friends and family will truly feel like magic. 


All things considered, there are many ways you can implement different types of lighting to create a specific atmosphere that you want. Follow these tips and your home will instantly feel very inviting and positive.