Helpful Tips that Tell You How to Remove Surgical Staples without a Dedicated Tool


It goes without saying that the medical field has undergone several changes over the years, some for the better. Among these changes is the one which sees surgical staples as a viable alternative to sutures when it comes to closing skin wounds or connecting (or removing) parts of the lungs or bowels. Medical feild goes with the some for this you may visit

But once the wounds fully heal up, it’s time to remove the staples. And for this purpose, one must pay a visit to their doctor who has a special tool that can easily remove the staples. However, what if it’s time to remove the staples but there’s an emergency preventing you from going to your doctor or any nearby hospital?

Luckily, there are a few methods that help you learn how to remove surgical staples without a tool. Let’s discuss some of these tips right here and right now!

Use Wire Snips

This tip has been in use for quite some time now and if executed properly, it could allow you to remove the staples from your skin with minimal or no bleeding. So, you will need a couple of wire snips, a mirror, and a flashlight (your phone can work too).

Before bringing anything into contact with your body, make sure to clean it with an antiseptic. Now, all you need to do is clip the staple in half with the snips, and then pull and rotate with needle-nose pliers. However, some people have reported that the use of nose pliers can result in pain.

In order to avoid any sort of inconvenience, make sure that you have at least two nose pliers or better yet, tweezers for bending a staple and then pulling it out in an easy and effective manner.

Using this method for removing the staples can take up to a couple of hours, depending on how many staples need to be pulled out and their placement on the body.

Use a Hemostat

For those of you unaware, a hemostat is itself a surgical tool. Surgeons use it in their procedures to control bleeding. This makes it a reliable tool, especially during the initial stages of surgery for early incision.

In short, the hemostat is one of those tools whose function is strongly dependent on the structure of their tips.

For easy control, the hemostat comes with handles that are kept in place by their locking system.

This system mainly comprises a series of interlocking teeth scattered across the handles.

But you must be wondering, how can hemostats be used for removing staples safely, right? Well, this is what we are about to discuss next.

A hemostat can easily clamp to the staple. All you have to do after that is rock it upward and then back and forth to loosen the grip.

Moreover, you can also use a pair of this tool in cohesion with the wire cutters. Just make sure that the rotations are slow and gentle. Most of the people who are not too gentle with this approach often end up hurting themselves. So, just be cautious and careful and you will be fine.

Use Artery Forceps

In order to learn how to remove surgical staples without tools, one must consider using artery forceps. All you need for this is two mosquito artery forceps or even the standard artery forceps that one uses for removing sutures.

Now, simply place each forceps under both ends of the staple. Keep in mind that the pointed end of the artery must be facing outward. Once things get stable, keep on holding the forceps tightly and gently rotate them inward at the same time. This way, the staple will be removed and you will end up dodging any feeling of pain.

Yes, there can be slight discomfort but nothing that you wouldn’t go through while following any of the aforementioned tips.

The fact that forceps are easily available and do not cost much makes this tip highly convenient.

One thing that you must make sure of before removing the staples is that the wounds are appropriately healed. This assurance goes a long way in making the removal procedure as painless as it can get.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

The aforementioned tips come in handy when you are involved in an emergency and/or do not have access to a healthcare facility. Otherwise, you shouldn’t risk getting an infection by attempting to perform this complex task by yourself. It’s recommended that we leave these tasks to experts.

Moreover, why learn how to remove surgical staples without tools? Why don’t you get the tool yourself? After all, an efficient staple-removal tool is quite affordable, if we are being honest. Moreover, these tools are capable of pushing inwards the center of the staple. Because of this, the staples are lifted up so quickly that you don’t even get time to notice it coming off.

So, the best solution is to get a proper removal tool and have access to it 24/7. In cases of an emergency, you are free to try out any of the aforementioned methods.