Best reputable extended car warranty companies

Best reputable extended car warranty companies

Few aspects differentiate between the best and worst extended auto warranty companies, such are discussed below in this article.

Recognizing the best reputable extended car warranty companies

Here are some red flags to look out for to avoid shaking hands with the worst extended auto warranty companies.

Trust the word of mouth

Never doubt customer feedback. What they experienced is what they narrate and possibly what you might go through too, be it good or bad. You can check the company’s reputation as you type their name on google search and read the comments or even check their star ratings.


Car industries or even celebrities often recommend credible companies to opt for, if there is a lack of endorsements you should know better than to trust the said company.


Where most third-parties will not take care of every aspect of recovery of your car, be sure to choose one which deals with most of it. Be cautious of the list of components it takes responsibility for and the absolute exclusions it entails.

Before you sign the deal, clear all doubts with the company. If the company is reluctant in explaining the coverage, we hope you see the giant cross written all over it.


If the company is costing you more than the repairs of your car for the time duration of the contract, opt for another. The cost of your coverage of choice, the make and model, manufacture year, and state of your car is proportional with your cost, if it exceeds your limit then maybe the company is not for you.

Transfer plans

Only the best companies permit you to transfer your plan. Some might charge you but that would be worth each penny for the greater good of the deed. If you transfer your plans your car’s demand would increase during its auction, as the buyer trust in your vehicle inclines.

Best reputable extended car warranty companies

Investigations prove that Endurance, CarShield, CARCHEX, Protect My Car, and autopom! are the best reputable car warranty companies.

Endurance car warranty company

Endurance car warranty company gives the best coverage of all.  It covers your car, including bumper-to-bumper coverage and many components of the car. It includes in its package-plan not just fixes of vital car parts but also, minor oil changes and mechanical break downs.

It has 6 levels of coverage from Supreme level to EnduranceAdvantage giving different packages.

It gives coverage to vehicles unto 20 years of age is an A-star car warranty company.


CarShield car warranty company has the best value out of all other car warranty companies. The company has the largest car market shares. If you’ve heard of any other company or not, you must have heard about this one for sure!

CarShield ‘s customer care is supreme with complaints as low as 0.3 percent in three years.

It covers six levels of coverage going from Diamond to Motorcycle and ATV, top to bottom with decreasing coverage level and price. Although it includes many exclusions so ponder carefully before you sign up with CarShield.

It gives many bonuses and has amazing feedback from its patrons.


Carchex has been in business for 20 years and giving the best service amid all other car warranty companies.

It has an A-star warranty and many endorsements from renowned car industries.

CARCHEX is inexpensive and a comfortable service that gives you zero pressure to sign up for a deal with them. You can call them up anytime and understand everything they offer without a fast-talker at the ned of the line.

It has 5 levels of coverage from Titanium to Bronze, decreasing its coverage as it goes down along with the years from starting 10 to 6.

Protect My Car

Protect My Car gives you the best maintenance plans. It is flexible and the most convenient package for you with monthly installments you can pay for 36 to 60 months.

It offers you a 30-day cash back promise on the entirety of its all-encompassing vehicle guarantee plans.

It has 3 tiers of coverage, from Supreme, Select to Driveline.

Although if your vehicle is older than 13 years, this company will not entertain you. Protect My Car also gives many bonuses to you.

It has an A-star rating, amazing reviews, and has a superior reputation of very few complaints filed against them.


Autopom! has the best claim process than all other car warranty companies. The name is an abbreviation for Automotive ‘Peace Of Mind’, and named rightly so.

Its reputation surpasses records having 4 levels of coverage from Exclusionary to Powertrain Plus.

It has an A-star rating on BBB and Trustpilot ratings because of its exceptional customer service and claim processes. It gives you additional bonuses too including tire protection, roadside assistance, rental car insurance, trip-interruption reimbursement, and much more.