Potential Causes of Allergies


Allergy is essentially caused over-reactive immune system and it is important that our immune system is able to correctly identify potential foreign substances, such as bacteria, viruses and hyperactive cells. They need to be eradicated, before they can make us sick. A healthy immune system produces strong antibodies that can combat foreign invaders appropriately. If we have been diagnosed with allergy, it may mean that we need to calm our immune system. Over-reactive immune system can be indicated by the production of antibodies when harmless substance enters our body.

One key antibody that has significant contribution in causing allergy is immunoglobulin E or IgE. The antibody is no longer essential and believed to be a left-over from our ancestors. It was needed, due to its high sensitivity to kill parasitic infections when people lived in unhealthy conditions and they were exposed to many potential pathogens. Everyone still has IgE antibody in their body, but allergic people tend to have higher concentration of IgE antibody. This increases the chance of specific harmless substance to be recognized has dangerous by our immune system. Common causes of allergy, regardless of the triggers often include itchy nose and through, coughing, sneezes, excessive production of mucus, inflamed upper respiratory system and irritation on the skin. However, we should be aware that allergy isn’t something to “sneeze at” and it could become potentially dangerous.

There’s also mind connection to allergies, especially because specific individuals have higher tendency to make more IgE in their bodies. There’s possible emotional reason why some people tend to have allergy while others are not. It appears that allergies are usually prevalent among children. Many children feel insecure and they don’t believe that the world is a safe place. They may have various emotional connections that can become an underlying trigger. In some cases, hypnotherapy is able to heal some symptoms of allergy.

Another significant factor is that people who have allergy tends to be in specific families. Thoughts and behaviours may cause our illnesses. Some families may have distinctive unhealthy behaviours, such as poor diet and lack of physical exercise. This could elicit various health problems, which will open the door to various illnesses. When allergic children are asked about their condition, they often say that their dad, cousin, aunt, etc have similar conditions.

If allergy is likely caused by genetic issues, it is better for us to maintain proper physical balance and an overall perfect health condition. If our physical state is unbalanced, allergy may potentially become more severe. There could also be potential misunderstanding in our subconscious mind. We may automatically thing that specific allergens will be particularly dangerous for our condition. Our mental repulsion towards specific things may further increase the severity of our allergic conditions. It’s important that we are always in a relaxed state, regardless of our recent and unintentional exposure to allergens. With relaxed mind, our body will restore the condition and it won’t over-react to allergens. In this case, we will be able to make ourselves well.