Common Causes of Overeating Problems


Many people find that once they start bingeing, it’s rather impossible to stop. This can happen when eating is actually a negative habit, instead of something nourishing and empowering. We are often instructed to eat certain things, at specific amount and at specific time. Due to the pressure, these rules can become emotionally restricting, especially if this has happened for many years. Once the person lives in a different city and free from the old restrictions, they may start to eat in ways that they are not suppose to eat and it will be very difficult to stop.

Bingeing could also happen due to food deprivation and it could stem from poor dieting habit. This could happen when we consumer only specific types of food, with little variations in terms of taste and texture. The complete absence of high sugar and high fat food can cause mental deprivation. It takes excellent willpower to not become mentally affected by this kind of diet. Without proper mental preparation, people could decide to cheat on their diet and they eat often want to eat those “forbidden” foot just a little bit. This kind of habit may eventually lead to bad bingeing habit.

Inconsistent exercise could also have an effect on our eating habit. Depending on the intensity of our daily exercise, there’s different amount of food that we should eat to replace the energy and repair micro tears in muscles. Intense exercise, which is combined with restrictive dieting may result bingeing habit. This could cause us to become ravenous, especially when our emotion takes over and when we are very hungry.

Rigid and inflexible eating schedule could also cause eating habit problems, especially if we are forbidden to eat outside the schedule. In reality, our body doesn’t follow a specific schedule and when we are hungry, it should be the time for us to eat. When the next meal time is still 6 hours away, we may experience inner struggle, because it’s the time for our body to be replenished with energy and nutrient sources. When we do this, it is quite easy for us to over-eat at each meal. Poor comments from others could cause problems with our eating pattern, especially if we take things what people say to heart. People may say negative or unkind comments about our body shape, which results in restrictive diet program and intense exercise. Again, these activities could be beyond what our mental capacity can cope and when we give, we would succumb into a bingeing period.

The best way is to return to the flexible natural eating pattern. We eat, because our body needs nourishment and energy. We stop eating, because our body has been fully replenished with nutrients and energy. If we are able maintain a natural eating pattern, we should have healthy body weight and proper body posture. We should be perfectly honest when listening to our body, to know whether we are hungry or well fed.