Alternatives to Energy Bars and Energy Gels


Highly active athletes need to have enough energy to do many things that are required. One of the products that they need to have are energy bars. They are supposed to give us enough energy during highly intense exercise. A good energy bar doesn’t only contain a lot of calories, but should be able to deliver slow release of energy that will be able to sustain you properly. Carbohydrate in energy bars will be used first by our body, followed later by the burning of fat and proteins that happen slower. Energy bars should provide the right kinds of calories for exercise. They shouldn’t only provide us with calories, but also enough nutrients that sustain our body, especially for people who perform a lot of physical activities. They shouldn’t contain weird ingredients that may have questionable effects in our body. A good alternative to energy bars are banana. They are tasty, full of nutrients, packs a nutritional punch and cheap. They are also handy and can be carried in the bag. Each could deliver more than 100 calories in form of complex carbs that can be released slowly and quickly. The potassium is also able to replace minerals in our weary and craving body.

Other alternatives are fig rolls and jaffa cakes. They can be as nutritionally complete as typical energy bars, while being cheap as well. They are suitable due to high composition of carbohydrates, compared to fat. Cakes can be used as an alternative to energy bars and fig rolls can be nutritionally beneficial. Flapjack is also a good energy pack that we can use to obtain enough energy. It is consisted of golden syrup, butter and oats. A simple flapjack should be good enough for professional athletes. However, we should ease off the butter and replace the syrup with real honey to get more benefits. We could also throw in some banana to make the flapjack a super food for professional athletes. Compared to syrup, honey is absorbed much more slowly, while providing us with minerals and Vietnam. Oats offer slower energy release and they are able to sustain us longer. They provide good source of fiber and lower in cholesterol. Many athletes also rely on energy gels to ensure that they have enough energy.

Compared to bars, energy gels are intended to provide us with quick energy release that can be easily used during highly intense exercises. It is important if we need to quickly have enough energy and gels can be consumed minutes before the competition match. Instead of using regular gels, we could use other alternatives. A good alternative is dried fruit, such as figs, dates, raisins and apricots. Even without the addition of sugar, dried fruits could provide us with an instant hit of energy. It’s because, we could quickly eat dried fruits during big games and training sessions. We should be able to quickly eat dried fruits, allowing us to obtain plenty of energy, as well as nutrients from real, dried fruit. Again, we should avoid choosing dried fruits that contain extra sugar.