Things You Should Know About Archery


Archery was a skill for war and sustaining life. Today, it has evolved into a wonderful hobby and sports that can be properly shared with the whole family. Archery may require less physical movement, but we need focus, balance and good muscle strength. Beginners should know what steps they need to take before starting the archery session. This should begin by choosing the right type of bow. The selection of the bow should be based on the dominant eye. You should point to any highly visible object in the room, such as a small lamp with both eyes open, then try to close the left eye. If the object is still in alignment with the bow, your right eye is dominant, which means that you need to have a right hand bow. Beginners should choose a bow that meets their purpose and requirements. The bow will be used for outdoor range and for doing target practice session at an indoor range. It means that you need to choose a bow with draw strength of between 60 to 80lbs.

Beginners should choose recurve bows. Until they have mastered archery, there’s no reason to get a fancy competition bow. It is also important to know that each person has different draw length characteristics. This is determined by the width of the chest and the length of the arm. The draw length can be measured in the archery shops and confirmed by testing different types of bows based on this calculation. After choosing the bow based on these characteristics, then you can choose bows according to their models and prices. Then you should choose the right type of arrows. For beginners, wooden and aluminium arrows should suffice. Arrows can be damaged easily during target practice sessions, especially when they pass through the target and hit hard surfaces. It means that you should choose expendable wooden arrows for target practice sessions. You arrows don’t have to be very decorative, but they need to be accurate and consistent. There are a number of details that we should know, when we choose the proper arrow.

As an example, we should understand about the arrow spine, which is the flexibility of shaft of the arrow. The flexibility also depend of the foot pound rating of the bow. If your bow has higher rating, then you need to choose stiffer arrows. Beginners should be able to perform well with arrows that have intermediate flexibility and a 60 – 80 lbf bow. You should also know about arrow length, which can be calculated by the draw length of the bow string plus two inches. When the arrow is fully drawn and ready to be released, it should be about an inch from the bow grip’s leading edge. Just like any other physical activity, archery can also be risky and frequent training sessions can cause discomfort. A 160 lbf compound bow could exert tremendous punishments on our fingertips. Even among professionals, their middle and index fingers can be sore and blistered, after a competition. Beginners should choose a good of finger tabs. So they can use tabs and their fingers alternately.