Understanding Children’s Potentials to Become Great Athletes


Each of us is born with internal potential to reach greatness, regardless of our fields. You can become the best of the best in your area of interest, from healthcare to politics to engineering to industry and to athletics. It means that many children actually have significant potentials to achieve athletic greatness, but different things happen in their lives. Inappropriate surroundings could actually cause people with great athletic potentials to lead sedentary lifestyle and they become overweight. So what has happened to these potentials? In general, potentials could be lost due to bad parenting, bad coaching, non-active lifestyle, failure to recognize true potentials and injuries. Many parents don’t actually have bad intention, but they may have a different idea on what their children need to achieve in their lives. Parents may have poor dietary habits and lack of physical activities, which may affect the lifestyles of their children. It is important for parents to ensure that their children can reach the pinnacle of their physical activities.

We are living in a society where money is put ahead of sports and dreams. For many people, sports are just a form of recreation and although there are successful athletes out there, there seem to be not too many of them. For this reason, parents can be blinded by the true potentials of their children. Parents who are blind to the potentials of their children can ruin potential accomplishments. They often measure the potentials of children by their grades at school, not their performance in gym classes and athletic tracks. For many people, having good physical performance is something that’s difficult to achieve and they may apply the same assumption to their children. It is important to parents to not apply their own standards to their children, because each person has different potentials and limitations. It is better for parents to observe to see whether children can really perform well in sports activities. If children have genuine desire to perform in athletics and they are able to achieve good results, then parents should nurture that.

It is important to ensure that children can achieve their full potentials. When we see those great athletes, we know that they achieve things, due to the support of their surroundings. Professional athletes are driven and very smart individuals, who are very eager to achieve many things in life. So, it is important to allow children to get all the possible opportunities. Parents should also provide the proper expectations, so children will know what to get in the future. Children may not initially have an athletic build, as well as being the strongest or the fastest. But if they train hard and persistent enough, they can achieve many things in life. In fact, we learn about great athletes, potentials and talents are actually insignificant. Great interest, hard work, motivation and persistence can elevate anyone with proper physical capability to achieve just about anything. Excellence and success are things that can be achieved by many people, regardless of their potentials.