Conditioning Techniques for Soccer Players


There are millions of young enthusiasts, who are eager to become amateur or professional sports players. In order to become excellent soccer players, they need to undergo the right kind of conditioning and strength program. Unfortunately, some of the training programs can be rather outdated. With excellent endurance, you will achieve better power, speed, agility and flexibility. Soccer players should understand the overall importance of complementary conditioning program, so they will have improved performance. Soccer players who don’t emphasize on their power or strength development won’t perform well. So, it is important for professional athletes to have highly organized training program. Soccer players need to have excellent endurance and it’s often about developing our body around a good aerobic base. Average soccer players may travel around 13 km during the entire 90-minute game. This places plenty of demand on their muscular and cardiovascular endurance. It means that each soccer player should run for about an hour each day.

You should be aware of the sports-specific requirements of soccer. Soccer players should know that they need to engage in various activities at different durations. There are ways you can improve your endurance, such as walking quickly, jogging, running and sprinting. We should be able to incorporate various internal training into our program that may involve various low and high intensity activities. Professional soccer players should have enough strength, so they are able to deal with challenges from opponents. We can gain many benefits from strength training, such as leaner body composition, injury resistance, more energy, faster metabolism, improved balance, greater explosiveness and improved stability. They will also have greater bone density and faster recovery. It means that professional soccer players will need to have a significant absolute strength. A good conditioning program should be focused on functional exercises, such as squats, lunges, push ups, step ups, chin ups and dips. We should also balance the strength of any opposing muscle groups, such as quadriceps and hamstrings.

It is also important wasting time on useless machine training. As an example, we shouldn’t choose to do non-functional exercises. Good exercises for soccer players should be ground-based, such as using free weight or body weight as resistance. We should also make sure to have the full movement of our entire body. Conditioning program should also be focused on the agility and speed. During specific times in the game, soccer players will need to move faster. Strength and endurance are essential to improve our performance. If you want to have definite competitive edge, it is important that you become faster. You may have better endurance, but you won’t reach the ball if the opposing player is faster. There are different training programs that can improve our speed, such as sprinting over 30 yards for under 5 seconds. Some professional players could do this at slightly under 4 seconds. A combination of strength and speed is power. Formidable players are powerful, they have both speed and explosiveness. So you need to become more powerful.