How Athletes Should Manage Their Stress Level?


Stress can be good or bad for us and this also applies to athletes. If we have good stress, we will be able to potentially improve our performance. However, bad stress isn’t good for us, because it could potentially affect our mental conditions. Sports also involve mental skills. Physical exortion could cause changes in judgment and put a mental pressure on us. When our mind is affected by stress, the bio-chemistry balance in our body will change. The level of cortisol and adrenaline in our bloodstream will be elevated. These hormones are intended to give our body enough energy boost to deal with the physical pressure. Our muscles will become more prepared for extertion and it becomes tighter. Also, our senses will become somewhat more attuned. Other effect to our body is the dilated pupils, which allows for more light to enter our eyes, so we can become more alert and aware of surrounding. These changes will allow for the fight or flight response, which happens when we sense that stressful events are about to occur.

When athletes feel that they are being affected by stress, it is important that they consider a number of things, despite whether the stress is bad or good. We should know about the actual trigger of the stress and the amount of perceived stress that we experience. Stress is more likely to happen among beginners, especially if they don’t have enough experience or skill. It’s easy for them to become overwhelmed by the rules of the games and the level of competition. It is important to be aware that sports should also be seen as a form of relaxation and they can really be fun to do. Making mistakes can be seen as a part of the experience and we will be able to perform sports in a much better manner. We should accept that we could potentially make mistakes. If we know that mistakes are acceptable, then we will be less distressed when we make them. Regardless of our first experience, it is important that we are able to continuously fine tune our performance. We should have the mental preparation to achieve specific things. Coaches could also help to manage stress by giving stirring speeches to the athletes.  Good coaches are able to inspire athletes to achieve great performance and motivate them when they are facing failure.

Good interaction with other athletes and coaches should help to calm the nerves. Good laughs with fellow athletes will easily allow them to forget the recent stressful events. If you interact well, the relationship with others will reach a personal level. It is true that stress should help us boost performance and achieve good things. Stress should help us to achieve a perfect level of stress and we will get peak physical conditions. Coaches should communicate with athletes about their current stress levels, so they can manage things in a proper manner. Coaches should know how to make their athletes to perform well and this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do if they are sensible.